Belated Weekend Update – In which the fireplace gets a new coat of paint.

Ok, I have my camera cord!

So here’s the result of this weekend’s progress..or lack therof. But I DO have a semi-decent excuse for my lack of productivity, Saturday was my grandma’s 85 b’day party over in Stroudsburg PA, so I only really had one day to work on the house.   Here’s my Grandma Eunice, blowing out the candles on her cake:


She’d totally hate that picture.. but how cute is she in her pink suit?  Happy B’day Gramma “U”.

Ok, so back to the house..

A week or so ago I returned like 35 sets of curtains and various other sundries and received a target gift card.  Me  + giftcard (free money!) = dangerous.

I bought this bowl for the dining room table:

gold bowl

Not exactly what I had been picturing, but I really like how it pulls in the color from the living room and plays off the gold in the chandy:

Particularly observant readers might also notice the change in curtain rod! Yep, I tried every way I could think of to make the curtains look more “formal” after all your comments including rings (which totally didn’t work partly cause I couldn’t find the right color) and using this gold rod which I had originally bought for this room but changed because its a little warped. Here’s a better pic:

new curtain rods

Yes, now the curtain rod hardware doesn’t match the rod, but I wanted to see if I liked it before I went about changing those. I also bought those little tassles to make it look more shmancy, but I think I need bigger ones, they look a bit overwhelmed and now the curtain is cinched too tight. Speaking of which, I know this is a dumb question, but I didn’t take the tags off of them and don’t understand how they stay together. Do tassles need to be attached to metal holdbacks? I just don’t get window treatments and apparently never will.

Here’s a picture of the curtains with the white rod for reference (ok, looking at these two together Im not sure its an improvement at all!) :

Also at target I picked up this frame for the wedding pic that will go above the TV in the living room.  I haven’t gotten around to hanging it yet, but here it is leaning against the TV stand:

wedding picture frame from target

I think it looks nice and understated – not too cheesy right?

And finally, the project that I got dirty doing that actually made me feel like I  accomplished something.. 

fireplace before

Fireplace Before (in all its “umbered” glory)

fireplace after paint closeup

Fireplace After White Semi Gloss Paint

fireplace after white

It looks much more airy and bright now doesn’t it?

I opted not to do the white wash and just went for it using the same semi-gloss trim paint as is in the rest of the living room (BM Swiss Coffee.) I actually think the semi gloss makes it look like a weightier more architectural “real” built in piece  – which is a good thing. So thanks to all of you who encouraged me to paint it, I’m really happy with how it came out!

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  1. I like the white rod better than the gold curtain rod. The gold rod seems to demand too much attention. I’m weird. Anyway, love the fireplace, love the picture frame/wedding pic (that reminds me, I should plan my wedding, oops).

    Next time you’re in the city, go to MJ Trimmings on 6th Avenue and (like/somwhere near) 38th Street. It’s 2 rooms of trimmings in every color & size imaginable. I think they have a website too.

  2. I am one of those who didn’t mind the tabs on the curtains with the white rod, however, with the gold rod, the tabs suddenly seem too casual to me. I vote for white. You can use decorative cup hooks that screw right into the wall to attach tie backs (with tassels) and kind of adjust the curtain to cover them if you don’t find them all that attractive.

    How do you get a gift card for returning boatloads of stuff to Target?! Is it because you no longer had a receipt? Or you returned stuff after the 90 days? I have a Target mirror I don’t love but cannot find receipt…

    I love the white framed wedding pic—perfect! And the fireplace is just lovely too. See, you did get a lot done!

  3. Bravo!!! Great job.
    Love the bowl. Another find from Target? They constantly amaze me!
    I like the gold rod. I was not crazy about the white.
    If you choose gold, you would have to change the brackets… :( oh dread!
    The wedding picture is magnificent!
    Fireplace looks stately!
    Did you ever try without the vertical small mirror at the bottom, it is slightly distracting????? to me anyway. If you did and it looked bad, ignore my comment :)
    Can’t wait to see what you will be doing next.

  4. the fireplace painted, and the light colors, the airy way you decorate..You house looks ..hmm…fresh! Really nice job.

  5. Jane – If you don’t have the receipt, Target’s computer can find it on your credit card and credit the money back. If you paid cash, they will give you back the lowest price that item has sold at/for. I know way too much about Target’s policies. LOL

  6. Thanks guys!
    @Iloveupstate – yes, forgot about MJ trimmings for stuff like that. I haven’t been there in years but I love it.

    Re target and the giftcard, actually what happened was I had bought a bunch of stuff using an amex gift card which I no longer had (that was funny, i forgot I had used it and I was like “I do NOT have an amex card!) so they could only give me a gift card b/c I didn’t have that card.

    @Heartartz yes, I tried without the mirror I forget why I keep putting it back – it bothered me for some reason- but I do plan on replacing it with something else eventually!

    There were two other things I returned that I had no receipt for, for those they told me their policy is if it’s under $25, you can return 2 things a year using your driver’s license and ONLY get credit to use in the same department the stuff is from. I think maybe it was because it was more than 90 days though..? Otherwise I think Iloveupstate is right they can find it in their system.

  7. Thanks for all the responses on Target return policies—I am like Ariana—I have to bring a bunch of stuff home and decide what I like best! Everything else goes back, but sometimes it takes awhile. ;)
    Ariana, here is my favorite room by Nate B. I wish there were more pictures because they miss a lot in this shot (like the mirrored chest to the right of the sofa with the capiz lamp on top from ebay…). But I love how he sewed antique buttons down the blue silk curtains to give them a customized look:

  8. My Fiance consults manufacturers and retailers – they had started a movement to LIMIT how much people could return due to return fraud. My Fiance would flip out on the retailers and yell “hello, have you EVER met a woman?!?! – they buy, try it on at home and then return if it’s not right – you will be angering your core-consumer”. He cracks me up…

  9. oh, thanx iloveupstatefiance for standing up for us! :)

  10. Congratulations! I’d say you got quite a bit done! That fireplace is awesome. Good choice with just painting it. It looks regal but not imposing on the room at all.

    About the rod: I really don’t know. I think I prefer the white: the chandelier stands out in contrast. But that’s the same reason I’m not crazy about the bowl, either. You’re slowly changing the feel of the room from light and airy with a cool chandelier to something simple and formal–to go with the chandelier. It’s not wrong. Just different and may be what you prefer.

    You have wonderful taste and a great eye so whatever you decide, it will work.

  11. Have you checked out for more patterns? They have a lot of very nice tileable patterns that would go well with your decor.

  12. I just adore your dining room – it feels so light and airy and formal without being stuffy.

  13. The fireplace looks SO much better. Oh, and we’ve been using the same white (“Swiss Coffee”) in our house too. :)

    I like the gold rod, but it looks too thin. It looks like one of those really cheap rods that Target carries (maybe it is)? If it was more substantial, maybe fluted like a column, that would look really good. Or some of these with the crystals on the end: Restoration Hardware? They have clip rings too, but of course it’s all pretty expensive.

    Oh, and tassels? Love ’em! I have tassels on my living room curtains. I put a teeny hook that they attach to on each side of the window.

  14. Alana, interesting point.. I’ll definitely keep that in mind!

    Casacaudill, thanks! I love your new banner BTW.

    Nicole, I think now that you mention it I was subconsciously inspired by your curtain tassles! I’ll have to try the hook trick.

    The rod is from JC Penney, honestly I’ve had a pretty hard time finding rods that are the right width to fit the triple windows (over 106″) which is why I keep going back to the white ones (which ARE from target) because they are cheap and are at least thick enough not to bend. The nice thing about the gold ones (that you can’t see in the picture) is that the decorative ends have almost the exact same colors as the chandelier. But ultimately you are right, they look thin and cheap. Back to the drawing board!

  15. I like the white rods too. The gold draw attention to them. The white is clean like your curtains and trim. I think the main thing you want to draw attention to is your lovely chandelier. I would not distract from that. I love your fireplace. It turned out wonderfully as did your photograph.

  16. Happy Birthday to your Grandma! I love your dining room. Its so relaxing and elegant.

  17. Felicia, I LOVE your work!

  18. HUGE difference the white glossy paint did to the fireplace!!! it looks GREAT!!!!! and i’m totally with you on the golden curtain rod, much better!!! it’s little things like that what makes a room come together, isn’t it???

  19. Everything is coming together beautifully!

  20. It looks great. I love the art above the fireplace.

  21. Eunice! Cute!

    I like the white rod better than gold. Change it back! ;)

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