Making My Own Stencil – Uh Oh.

As predicted, I made almost NO progress this weekend. Well I did paint the fireplace white, but I brought my ipod cable instead of my camera cable to work today, so no after pics until tomorrow..

No weekend would be complete without a trip to target of course, and while there I found these silver metallic shelves that will be perfect in the powder room!

metallic shelf from target

They come in 2′ and 3′ lengths, so of course I didn’t buy them yet because I have to now figure out which ones/where they go and that requires deciding on something.. but I will get them, they are too perfect to pass up.

I also stopped in at Michaels to pick up some acrylic silver paint for the bathroom stencil. And while there I saw a $14 make your own stencil heat tool thingy to get smooth edges… I figured its cheaper than the $50 stencils I had been looking at online and this way I could get the exact pattern and size I want so I bought it.

Now, to find a pattern..

I’d like to think I’m artistic enough and handy enough with illustrator to design my own pattern, but I’m not. I mean maybe I could, but it would probably take me an eternity. So I turned to my favorite cheap source of vector graphics (and stock photos!)

Here are some of the patterns currently in my lightbox, click here to see them all!

This one would have to be altered to use as a stencil (I’m not doing more than one color!)

(I Love this design! I don’t think I really want guns in my powder room though :)

(Birds are SO two years ago, but I still love them)

I really like this one…maybe it’s the winner?

Looking through Istockphoto is sort of like thrift shopping.. there is so much to choose from, some trash and some treasure..and its totally addictive because you always think the perfect design is just around the corner.

So anyway, I know some of you were also considering stencils (Liz?) so maybe this has been helpful. If not, well, hopefully I’ll remember my camera cord tomorrow! :)

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  1. Please share how the make your stencil thing goes. Ive been wanting to do my own stencil projects for a while but I know I cant cut well enough to make a clean one. Ive never seen the kit so I’ll be waiting with baited breath to learn how it works.

    You have a lot of great options with istock. I really like the distressed curlicue one that you have in your first row of the lightbox – but that might be too difficult to make a stencil with.

    Did you notice they doubled their prices recently? Im having a hard time justifying $10 each for clipart so Im still bitter about it :)

  2. There’s a very expensive (read: like $2K) wood working machine that takes computer discs and carves out designs. I wonder if you could find someone who has one…create a negative of your design…and have a wood block created to stamp with? Yeah…a lot of homework there! LOL

    Here’s the machine in case you can find anyone that has one…

  3. I have the first black and white rocco pattern you posted in our bathroom, which has red walls, white beadboard and a white waffle weave shower curtain. It pops! Great choices- love them all!

  4. Whoops! Meant to say rococo!

  5. Those are great! I like the birds too, and also the black and white one. I’ll look into this, thanks for the idea!

  6. Mrs. Limestone no, I hadn’t realized that they raised their prices. Damn. Well the pink one I like is 3 credits, which at $1.30 a credit is under $4 so that’s not too bad :)

    Iloveupstate, that machine looks amazing! How do you know all this stuff?

    Elizabeth, when you say you have the same pattern do you mean something similar or that you downloaded the same file and made a stencil? That would be a wild coincidence! Do you have pics? I’d love to see!

  7. […] is truly a woman after my own heart… she’s decided to save herself a few dollars and make her own wall stencil. I’m going to bookmark this one, because that idea has been floating around in my head for […]

  8. The last one is definitely the best. Just intricate enough, not too complicated.

  9. Love the silver metal shelf & am so curious to see how the stencil project turns out…

    Does this linen pillow work for you?

    It’s hard to tell how the colors really appear (in person) but the embroidery looked similar to “sea foam” to me–like your coffee table.

  10. OMG Jane.. who is this Nate Burkus person and where has he been all my life?? I’m not sure if the color is too dark of that particular pillow (though at that price who cares!) but I love the blue monogram looking one.. and all his other stuff. Thank you so much!

  11. Oh… I’m really liking that galvanized shelf from Target. I wonder where I could put something like that…
    Good luck choosing your stencil! Those guns are hilarious.

  12. Order them for instore pick up on – purchasing them thru and then use a 20% off code. :)

  13. Sorry for not being more precise! I found this at Hancock Fabrics in the upholstery section on fabric and am using it to make a valance. Guess you couldn’t read my mind!

    No pics right now, but I will work on that for you. Like you, we are in a constant state of renovation on our little 1920’s cottage, so you know how that is!

  14. Seriously? Nate is THE man. Oprah’s been featuring him a lot for the past few years, so he’s super famous now. Probably even more so because he tragically lost his partner in the 2005 Tsunami.

    His mom was one of the regular designers back in the early days of ‘Decorating Cents’ (when you were probably still in elementary school!) :) Nancy something….?

    Love your blog, BTW. I’m so happy to see the ladies with design sense freshening up the houseblogs and reminding me why I bought this falling down shack in the first place! Oh, and for helping me realize that it’s not just ME who needs to see something in place before I know if I like it.

  15. Kim’s right—Nate is such a cutie-pie! I did not know his mother hosted DC, though.

    I am really glad you like those blue pillows, Ariana! I was going to link to those too, but I thought they only had the cream left (it looked like they were out of some things on clearance) but, turns out I was mistaken. If there is a Linen’s N Things in your area, they often have a better selection in store. Nate does curtains too! (Uh oh…)

  16. Yeah, I guess i’ve had my head in the sand! Actually, they ran out of the original linen ones you posted like 5 minutes later.. but I scored the blue ones. I almost ordered the pink curtains too! But it said they had no stock in my local store and pink is a hard shade to buy without seeing. Seems like they are out of stock on SO many things of his I would have loved that are on the site in pictures like that table runner with a medallion shaped design? Love it. I wonder if they will be getting new stuff because there’s nothing left!

  17. I know, I was wondering if they might be discontinuing his line…it was a little too high-priced for me, but lnt always has those 20% off coupons that help make it affordable, and I really like his designs. I hope they keep him and this is just the time before they start bringing in the new stuff. Can’t wait to see pictures of the blue pillows in your house!

  18. I was wondering the same thing.. hopefully not. Yes, I love the 20% coupons for LNT and BBB, but I always wonder if they just tack on 20% to the prices!

    Jeff’s gonna kill me when he sees more pillows arrive..

  19. Where is that gun pattern from? Must…locate….immediately!

  20. prettygritty, I edited the post so that the guns image clicks through to where you can download the image :)

  21. Good luck with this! I know you’re going for more of a baroque look, but I happened to find a pattern awhile back that is pretty easy to make a stencil out of, and you could probably adjust it to make it a more frilly. Here is a link if you’re interested in the pictures:

  22. Laura, I love your stencil – your wardrobe looks fab! You’re right, I’m looking for more of a baroque look, but you may have inspired me to actually design my own :)

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