Weekend Plans – Make a Damn Decision!

Here’s where my mind has been the past few days…follow if you dare! (Or just want to get really dizzy.)

Battle of the Blinds 

I don’t know if you remember that I decided I wanted roller shades as undertreatments in the living room because they have a smaller profile when in the “up” state. Well the JC Penny ones I really wanted were sold out, so I ordered the roman shade version because it doesn’t have that flap at the top which I thought looked cleaner. They arrived the day before yesterday.

The color is a little bit darker than it looked online, and I couldn’t tell if I liked it more or less than the target ones that were more of a light cream color. So of course I had to buy a target one to compare:

shades from target and jc penney

Battle of the Blinds.. in the left corner we have JC Penney and in the right corner Target.

Its a trade off to me, because I do like the absence of the flap in the JC Penney ones, but the target cream color ones compliment the wall color better no? The JC Penney ones are made of some sort of paper material which seems to me it would be prone to rips. The target ones are more of a cloth. But the JC Penney ones do pull up a bit higher:

shades up

Not a huge difference, but the JC Penney ones have smaller footprint. So I guess its size vs. color.. WWYD?

The (dis)organization of the office..

I’ve been discount shopping around like a mad woman (Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls) looking for a few items when what I really SHOULD be doing is filing and cleaning up the office. But anyway, here’s what’s on my list:

1) A white frame with a large matte for the wedding picture above the TV.

2) Linen throw pillows

3) Curtains for Office and Master Bedroom

4) Bowl and/or candlesticks for the dining room table

5) Scrolly mirror for the powder room

So last night, I went to Home Goods and found none of the things on my list. But while looking for mirrors, I did find this etsy-esque bird picture that was too perfect for the office to pass up:

I don’t love the frame in and of itself, but the orange reddish color matches my Urban Outfitters rug and the Ikea Love chair perfectly. What’s more, the frame color is a great match for the ginormous wood mirror that I scored at a tag sale for $10:

Huge old mirror

You can’t really tell the scale from this picture so here’s a photo with both the bookshelf and the mirror that shows it better:

Yes, the mirror is bigger than the bookshelf! 

So I think I’m set on the decorative elements in the office, all I have left is to find the right curtains for the windows:

I would love to find ones that are the the reddish color in the rug.  But its a hard color to match. I saw these at Urban Outfitters:

urban outfitters curtains

But I think with the rug it’s too much pattern right? So maybe some white sheers will have to do..

Master Bedroom Curtains 

I’m really at a loss for what color curtains to get for the decor neglected master bedroom.

The wall color is Benjamin Moore silver sage:

benjamin moore silver sage

And my Ikea headboard is a shocking shade of olive green:

It’s not a pretty combination!

The windows are really sad looking with their old white blinds that came with the house:

master bedroom windows

(You can see why I don’t post many pictures of the master – it needs so much work. Sigh.)

Any of you color experts that would like to weigh in on these or the office curtains, please do! Otherwise I think I may just go white for lack a better idea.

Powder room

I ordered the ebay scrolly mirror last night. Its just too cheap to pass up and worth a try to make it work on the medicine cabinet door, or over it if necessary.

This weekend I plan on getting the bathroom primed and deciding on a paint color for the bathroom and the hall that leads to it.  But that’s a lot of decisions for me, so I’d settle just for the priming! My mom has a damask-ish stencil that I’m going to check out tonight, so maybe I’ll love it and that decision at least will be settled.

I have yet to check out the mirrored frames that Leigh said she saw at BB&B, but I DID find these on the target website that could up the mirror factor:

On a side note, if I had enough room in the bathroom I’d totally get this mirrored side table from target:

Not nearly as pretty as the JC Penney one, but at $99, its quite a bit cheaper. Hmm, maybe for the hall…?

And while I’m on the subject of target wish lists, how cute would this new shabby chic white desk look in my office!

shabby chic white office desk

But I just can’t justify throwing away the one I have seeing as its perfectly functional. (Damn my practical nature.)

So those are the thoughts floating around my head as the weekend approaches…

I just really hope I make some progress – sometimes when I’m facing too many decisions I get completely paralyzed and do nothing..so wish me luck and productivity.. and have a fabulous weekend!

24 Responses to “Weekend Plans – Make a Damn Decision!”

  1. My, that is a lot of decisions! I’ll just comment on the blinds for now. I forget which ones you said they were, but I prefer the ones in the right window. The middle ones don’t seem to go with anything at all, colourwise–at least from the photos, which may or may not reflect the colour accurately.

    Oh–and about the medicine chest dilemna. You do have a storage shelf: so anything you need to store could certainly go into baskets or boxes. What do you need to store in a downstairs powder room, anyway? First aid type stuff, toilet paper. Not much else.

    I’ve been thinking about stencilling, thanks to you! Except my room is a bit larger! (14×16 feet!) A wee bit daunting.

  2. I really sympathize with you on the “too many projects = paralyzed homeowner” because I suffer from the same! I don’t know if you checked Ikea for these roller blinds:
    or these:
    but they seem right as far as color and low profile. I’m not sure about the width for your windows. Otherwise, I vote for the Target romans just because I like the lighter color.
    Would the blue curtains work in the master? (I liked those curtains, but preferred white in the living room…)
    The bird picture and ginormous mirror frame are fantastic. I love all the mirrored things you’re looking at and actually thought oversized mercury glass candle holders in three different sizes would look good on the dining room table—you might spot some around the holidays. Good luck over the weekend, and don’t forget to take a break if you need it!

  3. I like the middle shade better b/c it doesnt have that flap. That said, it does look a little peachy in this photo (not sure if thats how it looks in person) so I’d have to go with the one on the right if it looks peachy in person. If it just looks like a darker shade of light wood, I think I’d vote middle.

    So that is no help at all.

    I love the big frame you got at a tag sale. And what a bargain! Why is it that all yard sales I go to either have complete junk or they want full retail for the stuff I do want?

  4. Alana, that is a large area to stencil! You would have to maybe spring for those “production” versions that cost way more $$ but are much bigger so it goes faster. And yes, you’re right I don’t HAVE to keep the medicine cabinet.

    Jane, I have seen those Ikea ones thanks! They aren’t the right width though.. I do love mirrored candlesticks. Lets hope this mirrored trend continues and I’ll have lots to choose from. And don’t worry about me taking breaks..I tend to do that more than anything else :)

    Mrs. Limestone, they aren’t really peachy, they are just more “wood” than cream colored.. As for that frame, Jeff and I went to tons of garage sales and found nada. The frame we found at a tag sale that was organized by a guy who does that kind of stuff professionally so there was a lot more to choose from. I think we stubmled onto it randomly and it was the end of the last day so he gave us a good deal to take it off his hands basically!

  5. Great blog! It’s so fun to look at your gorgeous photos. I do like the Urban Outfitters curtains alot, but I’m not sure if they would coordinate with your walls. They look much more yellow-y than the walls in that photo. It looks like you have a great color scheme on your bookcase to tie in the red, with the pale pink items. I wonder if the JCPenney roller shades would work nicely in this room?

  6. hi Littlegreydonkey, nice to meet you!
    I agree, the yellow cream color in the UO curtains are too much. The JC penney roller shades are sold out, but do you mean the roman shade ones that are in the living room picture? I hadn’t thought of that.. but I still want curtains too.. something frilly. My poor husband, I keep trying to sneak pink and frills here every chance I get, which is kind of unfair because we both use the office :)

  7. The headboard is soooooooo easy to fix. Find a sheet pattern you like, buy it in a twin size. Wrap it around (long-wise) the headboard like a present. PIN. Done. If the green shows through, you might need to put a white sheet between them. As long as you pull it tight, it won’t wrinkle. If you’re up for sewing you could just sew up 3 sides and slip it over the headboard like a pillowcase.

    You need to show pictures of your office & bookshelves more often. Cause I was getting a complex, frankly. Everything was so neat and uber tidy in other pics. I kept thinking “where’s all her crap n junk – I have loads of crap n junk”. LOL

  8. Iloveupstate, yeah.. I know, I just keep hoping somehow the greens will magically “work” together.. but I’ll probably need to do as you suggested.

    OMG, you have NO idea what a slob I actually am.. its kind of funny b/c for every one picture I take I have to spend like 5 minutes moving all the crap to the other side of the room! But that room is particularly bad because I have SO much filing to do and we only just recently retrieved the filing cabinet from my parents’ house. so I’ve got like 7 months of paperwork and bills to put away. Its totally overwhelming!

  9. Oh yes. I did mean the roman shades. I know what you mean about wanting to go frilly, but still accomodating the style of your SO. I have noticed that when I try to come up with ‘masculine’ decors as a compromise, my husband doesn’t seem moved by my efforts, so now I tend to get a little more design-greedy than I probably should. hehe

  10. I like the Target shades just for the color, I think it blends better with the room instead of standing out. I LOVE the white desk, but I understand the frugal part. However…my pocket book is just itching for some decorating this weekend. It could be bad for business, but I’m painting something!

    PS. the bird print is great.

  11. My you have been busy …..and will be busy all weekend too!!!

    Target shade on right is better colorwise.

    WOW what a fantabulous huge frame is ther a mirror to go in it or you still gotta get one? Cool either way.
    Ok another idea, for now you could just hang it on the wall empty. Or make it a bulletin board for the office. I’ll send you a link, when I find it.
    the bird print looks perfect.

    As for curtains in the office…oddly enough I am somehow drawn to the Urban Outfitters print ones. but unsure of the solid pattern in the rug…Humm… just a thought but don’t you have a similar colored rug on the porch??? would you be willing to switch out and put the solid in the office with the patterned curtains and the patterend rug on the porch???

    I agree with Iloveupstate, recover the headboard. You could do the same thing with yardage, curtain panels, sheets, any fabric you LOVE!!! and then you DO NOT have to repaint the whole room!
    As for window treatments in the bedroom, don’t you have some blue damask panels and sheers from the living room just waiting for windows to dress? those might look great in the bedroom.

    The Target bath accessories are yummy…you’ll have to see just what “jewelry ” you need in the powder room once you get it painted, stenciled etc.

    Have a busy productive weekend…but don’t forget to take some time off to have a romantic BBQ on your lovely deck with your cutie hubbie, while it is still warm outside!!!!
    Lotsa love.

  12. Found the links I have for a message board….These require no sewing, just stapling!




    Or perhaps you wan to make an inspiration board. This one is beautiful and fun.

    Then check out this office, for cute ideas.
    Ok, so it is soooo girly. You will have to incorporate manly things so that you can share office with your husband, but that can be fun too.

    Happy weekend!

  13. I like the Urban Outfitter curtains. They seem to match to me and I don’t think it’s too much especially if you include the red in other places, like in your chair.

    I like the color of your headboard, it’s too bad it doesn’t match the walls. Curtains will be tricky because of the triple window. Though I love curtains, I would probably recommend roman curtains, just because it’s easier and will look clean. If you really want to do curtains then I’d try to behave as if the windows were just double windows and get extra wide curtains (I know Pottery Barn has these), have a extra long rod or even a hospital track and some sort of valance box to cover the track.

    I also vote for the Target blinds because I think the color works better.

  14. Duh, I guess your living room windows are triple and they look fine as you have them. Scratch what I said.

  15. I love those mirrored accessories from Target! I vote for the lighter shades. Can you cut off the flap w/o making them look funny or ruining them? If it has that piece of wood under where the flap folds over, you could hot glue some ribbon over the wood or paint that part. Your wall color w/ the headboard doesn’t bother me. I like it, but it’s one of those things where in person it might look different. Not sure about the curtains in the office. I love them, but w/ the rug it’s a little too matchy, maybe? LOVE THAT $10 FRAME! Are you going to have mirror put into it? I think it would look neat on the wall with the little print you got and a few other random things inside it, with the frame just framing it out – know what I mean. Just an idea, might look funny. Love seeing what you do each time.

  16. Before you take scissors to your shades, I guess I should have said that the flaps don’t bother me at all. My bamboo shades in my bedroom have flaps and curtains and I’ve never thought twice about them.

  17. I think the Target shade is the winner.

  18. So loving your blog, I had to write about you here:


    That $10 frame is a dream! Love it.

  19. Gail, I like the idea of a messageboard and had actually been thinking about it since Iloveupstate posted the one she made.. but do you think they make corkboard that size? I hadn’t thought of using the damask curtains in the master! Its definitely worth a try.. I’ll keep you posted :)

    Leigh, I had been planning on replacing the mirror (it was cracked when we got it) but I really like your idea of putting pictures inside… in fact, if I put the bird print in there, it would be like a little birdcage! The only problem is that I’ve gotten attached to that piece where it is..maybe I could grab another one from etsy? I’ll have to think on that one..

  20. Oh, and Lainy – THANKS! I was kind of down on myself and my progress and seeing your post totally made me feel better ;)

  21. i have the target mirrored side table!!! but i got mine for $49.99!!! i love it, its a little low, but it looks so nice i now regret i only bought one instead of two…

  22. Antibride, what? How did you get it for $50??

  23. yes!!! it was a bargain! i bought it this past february, they had about ten of them in store and were 50% off!!! no reason at all, they were all in perfect shape! guess i was just lucky!!!

  24. Ariana,I can relate to your outlook on making decisions ;) I have the same issues. My husband and I are about to move into a 3 BR townhouse, coming from my current small 1 BR city apt and I am trying to pick colors for all the rooms and it’s making me completely insane. Mind you, we haven’t even decorated any of the rooms so picking colors without knowing what you will end up wanting is very hard. I was thinking about BM’s Silver Sage for the bedroom? Are your photos here showing the color realistically? Is it too Green? I like it b/c it looks a bit blue too. I want to go with a light, neutral color for most of the apt. Is there one you recommend? I was thinking Barbados Sand or Barely Beige, or maybe something a tiny bit warmer. I was going to do a darker beige in the bedroom but thought maybe I should do something different. So, yeah, needless to say, I’ve spent weeks contemplating colors now.

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