More half (baked?) bath ideas..

Even though I spent ALL day yesterday looking for wallpaper, I decided to go with Liz‘s fab idea of stenciling instead because, as Alana pointed out, wallpapering a small bathroom is HARD!

So even though my search was for naught, I thought I’d share some of the amazing eye candy I turned up from euro wallpaper site “Wallpaper from the 70’s“, just in case you are braver than I and are looking for some beautiful paper:

Beautiful no?

I also found some closer-to-home and cheaper papers at Wallpaper Wholesaler like this one from the Dahlia book by Kenneth James:

Very reasonably priced at about $41 per roll. In fact many of the books in their Designer books are worth taking a look at.

But anyway, back to the bathroom!

I picked up a passable damask stencil at Michael’s last night. Is it the pattern that I would choose if I could have any pattern? No, but its probably a hell of a lot better than the mess that would ensue if I tried to carve my own!

Fortunately (or rather unfortunately for our bank balance) I have any number of paint samples at my disposal – rejects from my paint color ADD. I picked out Benjamin Moore’s new Affinity line color “Tranquility” because its kind of greyish-blueish and used it as a backdrop for my stencil experiment of last night:

Tranquility paint color

That’s to show the Tranquility Color… I’m aware that you can’t really see the stencil. I used Benjamin Moore’s metallic “Veil Cream” color because I had a sample lying around (of course). But clearly I need to get a real acrylic silver paint that will stand out much more..though if you view it from JUST the right angle you can kinda see it even now:

Yes, these pictures look pretty bad..but I promise it looks better in person!

As for the other elements, I really liked Alana’s idea that an ornate mirror like the one in my inspiration pic will help fill the chandelier void. Problem is that those baroquey looking mirrors are $$$$! I was thinking maybe the super cheapo mirror I posted about from ebay a while back would fit the bill?

baroque mirror

It’s like $12 from jedmart, also available from any number of ebay sellers. But what if I want to keep the functionality/storage of the existing recessed medicine cabinet? Does anyone know if you can glue or otherwise attach your own mirror to an existing medicine cabinet? (Or a kit that allows you to turn your own mirror into a medicine cabinet?)

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

I’m also totally enamored of how mirrored furniture looks in front of wallpaper:

Mirrored furniture

But because the powder room is about as big as a powder compact, there’s no room for it. So I thought maybe some prints framed with mirrored frames like these might do the trick:

These are sold out from the website that I found them on, and other than a not so great one at target, I haven’t been able to turn up ANYTHING in a web search for mirrored frames. Speaking of which, I found the most amazing picture yesterday that showed three (bird?) prints in a vertical row surrounded by mirrored frames..and now for the life of me can’t find it again. If anyone knows the picture I’m referring to, please let me know!

On a completely unrelated note..

I took my Victoria Hagan Blue Elizabeth bowl from its end table by the door (we keep our keys in it) and moved it to our dining room to see if maybe I should buy another for there:

But I’m not sure if the scale is right – it looks a little small. But the color is perfect. Or I could get another one of these vases for there (I already have on on my mantel!):

I don’t love the idea of getting two of the same of anything, but (PSA!) the Victoria Hagan stuff is on clearance at target now. Both are just $18.74.. not that they were exactly unafordable at $24.99 :)

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  1. Holy cow girl! You’re moving at warp speed! I love the stencil idea, and I think the Jedmart mirror and mirrored frames would be perfect. As for the dining table, I think you’re right that the bowl is a little too small so definitely try the vase. That being said…I’m heading to Target right now to check out those Victoria Hagan lovelies.

  2. WHOA! That wallpaper site is! Thank you for the link! Something like that third one (aqua floral) would look smashing on a wall in my bedroom. Maybe to help showcase the vanity? hmmm.

    Your dining room has come together so nicely Ariana. Everything in your house has! haha. The little half bath will surely look palacial when you are done with it.

  3. I like the look of the stencil. It will look terrific once you get more in a pattern on the wall.
    Did you think of flipping the stencil top to bottom?
    Then alternating in a checkerboard pattern? Might be interesting. It looks like they might interlock.
    Also depending on the look you want you could put them as close or far apart as you wish.
    Experiment on a large piece of paper first.
    If you come to place you do not want part of the stencil on the wall, mask that part off with a piece of paper behind and just stencil in the part you want.
    Finally when you are stenciling dryer brush is better!
    I cannot wait to see the final design. I am sure you will create something beautiful, as usual, and it will be fantastic!!!
    You have inspired me to redo my powder room!

    I love the Jedmart mirror. You could temporarily just hang it over the med cabinet and decide later.
    Attaching a mirror to a medicine cabinet? humm….. maybe STRONG glue! hahaha!!!
    I found this HGTV reference where you could add a picture frame to a plain mirrored medicine cabinet, although mirror would still be tiny.

    Love the mirrored cabinet idea. If you are leaving the present sink, I saw on an HGTV show, a 3 sided screen built to fit around the bottom. They painted it, but you could mirror it or silver leaf it????

    Our local TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Ross had some mirrored picture frames.

    The color of the blue bowl on the dining room table is perfect and it is a clean look.
    Bigger might be better but where to find one at that great price?????
    I love the taller vase on the mantle, it is so perfect there.

    Reading your blog brightens my day. Your blog is in my top 10! You are so full of enthusiasm, creativity and determination!!! Thank you for sharing your trials and victories with us. Keep on posting.

  4. I think I’d pass on the Jedmart mirror, just based on pricing it must be plastic or plastic-like. Here’s my suggestion…go dumpster dive behind a picture frame shop. My fiane’s family owns an art & framing shop. I’m a bit notorious for ummm…visiting and getting “lost” for a while. I totally pick the gorgeous old frames that people bring into the shop to replace (simply because they are bored with the old ornate look). For awhile, I was nabbing them and making fancy corkboards for friends. Anyway…find a big one and then have the angles cut down to the proportion of your medicine cabinet…voila. Maybe?

  5. Drop some lemons (or oranges, green apples, etc) in that bowl and add two silvered candlesticks with candles matching the fruit and…done.

  6. You could also cover simple picture frames with the small mirrors sold at JoAnn’s or Michaels. Also see notmartha‘s post from a day ago.

  7. @Raisngirl, I hope you found some stuff, I should have mentioned that the stores (at least near me) are totally wiped out of her line, its pretty much only available online until the new season comes in.

    @Kim, glad you like the wallpaper..its so stunning isn’t it? Yes, it would look good there, the colors would also work in your guest bedroom I think.

    @Gail, thanks so much for the kind words and excellent ideas (as always!)

    @Iloveupstate I would totally do that too if I had a frame shop in the family! The Jedmart one says its wood..are you just trying to politely tell me you think its ugly? ;) It is a good idea though to just use the outside part of a frame with the existing mirror..hmmm will have to look and see if that might work!

  8. Lsaspacey, do you think the size is ok then? About the fruit, I like the idea, but then I got to thinking about how I don’t really use lemons, limes or eat green what would I do, buy fruit to put out and replace it every week? Is that what people do? I think I’m too practical for that LOL!

  9. Wow, when you decide to tackle a project, you just go ahead and do it! I’m impressed. I love the way it looks, I think I’m going to tackle my bathroom tonight! :) I’ve been looking at some stencils here…


    But they are so expensive!

  10. Liz, thanks for that link!
    Check here (thanks to Lori who gave me the link!) I think they are slightly less expensive for the single stencils (not the pro wall packs)

  11. wow!!! love the stencil idea, i think it will look great and really transform the ugly bathroom!!!

    i think i saw some mirrored frames recently at pier1 imports… in store, i think they don’t have anything online right now…

  12. Not at all! I think the mirror is cute, I just can’t wrap my head around why it’s only $12.

    Re: dumpster diving at art/frame shops…you go after the store closes…silly! I stuck one of my “finds” up on my blog.

  13. Oh this is exciting!!! Look on the Royal Design Studio site.
    If you click on one of the damask stencils there is a link to Grand Damask Layout Options, (allover grid pattern pdf), a guide to laying out the damask stencils.
    Happy stenciling!

  14. maybe something like this could work for you and your small bathroom:

  15. Oh about the fruit, I didn’t even think of that.

    You could maybe use vintage beaded fruit. My old roommate used to make these; very time-consuming, therefore, she sold them for $80 or more a piece. That eBay sale price is unbelievable!

  16. I have tried stenciling before and found it complicated. What I do is I find a pattern I like, bought a cheapo projector and projected it on the wall traced the design and painted it. Waala!!!!

  17. I think you could find “good quality” artificial fruit. That’s what I have seen in shops. Green apples or limes wouldn’t be hard to find.

    I picture crystal on your dining room table. A crystal container and candlesticks. I think crystal would be beautiful against the dark wood table.

    I’m really enjoying your decorating efforts. You’re doing a great job!


  18. Someone may have already said this, but you could do a collection of small mirrors of different shapes on one wall to get your mirror side table effect, rather than mirrored frames with images in them. Unless you weren’t planning on hanging those frames. I like the stencil. I think it will look great!

  19. I was thinking your bowl would work too if you added some silver candle sticks for each side. If you get a bigger bowl it might be too big for the table. A tall vase with flowers may block your view at the table. I know it doesn’t sound like much but I dealt with my stepdad at the dinner table at my mom’s for years bitching about the tall centerpiece and last thanksgiving my own husband did the same thing, “let’s move this stuff, I can’t see anything.” I would think lemons would hold up for a while, at least a week. It would be like a fresh flower expenditure. I have seen some really good quality fake fruit, Pottery Barn, maybe (?), Restoration Hardware (?). I’m not against fake fruit. For the mirror, if you left your medicine cabinet, is there room to hang the ornate mirror on another wall? I saw this in a Rachel Ashwell book and thought it was really clever and added some beauty to a very simple room. Don’t forget TJ Maxx and Home Goods for ornate mirrors. I once saw a venetian glass mirror at Home Goods for like $50, it was big too. I could shoot myself for not buying it. It was gone the next time I went. I also like consignment stores for mirrors. You can find ugly gold ones that look quite beautiful when painted white.

  20. Just to let you know, I saw some mirrored frames at Bed Bath and Beyond this morning that weren’t too expensive and they were very pretty – if you go w/ the frames w/ mirror over just mirrors. Also, have you seen the new Country Living? There were a handful of pages in there that I thought you’d like. I’d say no to artificial fruit or artificial anything (unless it’s glass fruit or if it’s Christmas and they’re ornaments), dried flowers, yes. If you do a vase at some point but don’t want to worry about fresh flowers dying all the time, do dried blue hydrangeas–the dried ones have a great color that I think would look perfect with your walls.

  21. Or maybe one big o’l candle in the middle of the table in a vase type thing or nice crystal base to avoid fruit and flowers all together! Or maybe 3 or 5 candle sticks in a row down the center or something like that.

  22. Lori, went to TJ Maxx and Marshalls last night -nada!
    No good consignment stores around here either. I’m going to HomeGoods tonight, so maybe i’ll have more success? I tend to agree with you about the bowl vs. vase thing.. its nice to have a bowl for normal stuff but also a vase for special occassions – for when you’re having guests and want fresh flowers.

    Leigh, I LOVE the idea of the dried blue hydrangeas..I love hydrangeas. Thanks for the tip on the mirrored frames from BB&B, there’s one right near my house so I’ll pop over and look. I haven’t seen the new CL, I’ll have to go check it out. Thanks!

  23. That stencil looks great! You’re right, with some paint with a higher pigment concentration, it’ll really stand out more.

    And you’re so right about mirrored furniture and wallpaper…when I read it I went through my head trying to figure out a way to put some wallpaper JUST behind my mirrored vanity and nothing else. Oh well!

  24. Check out my last post when you get time. I need any suggestions you might have! :)

  25. Depending on how the mirror is made, and how the hinges work on your medicine cabinet, you might be able to just unscrew the hinges, remove the cabinet door, and fasten the mirror right onto the hinges. But the mirror would need a real wood backing, and at $12 it’s likely to be backed with cardboard…

    Mirror idea #2, FWIW, if you wanted to make your own ornate frame, have a look in a home reno store where they keep the trim wood and turned balusters and whatnot. Often there’ll be bits of decorative curlicues in different shapes that could be added to a plain mirror for embellishment.

    The group of mirrored frames to satisfy your mirrored furniture craving is a brilliant idea, by the way!

  26. Oh, wait! What about a mirrored laminate? If you wanted to do a 3-sided screen to hide the sink, that might be a way to go.
    Formica makes it, so easy enought to find –

  27. I’m sure you can hack a mirror to a medicine cabinet. Just be wary of hinge & frame placement.

    You might be able to find an older medicine cabinet at a used home renovation store or craigslist. We used an old medicine cabinet with flaky plastic but with decent details. We painted over the frame. I think it turned out well.

  28. Jen, those are all great creative ideas. Thanks!

    Tig, it looks amazing! I also have to say that your blog name is the best house renovation blog name ever :)

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