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I must confess that I have a completely black thumb. I don’t know if its laziness, cluelessness or what, but I can’t seem to keep plants alive..which is scary because we are trying to conceive and I worry what that says about my potential to be a good mother.

But anyway, I love the way that plants and flowers look in the home, so in the past as a quick fix I admit to having bought some fake flowers in the past… I know, I KNOW. . so I got to thinking that the perfect way to add the texture and interest that organic material brings into a home is dried branches. Its not technically fake because its organic material and conveniently for me, its already dead so I can’t kill it!

It was with this in mind that I started searching for something to go in my new beach inspired living room (in the back corner to the right of the sofa) and came across Nettleton Hollow, who seem to have a fairly large selection of branches, pods and other no-maintenance “plants.”

According to their blog, the design world has already taken notice. They were savvy enough to recognize the resemblance between the manzanita branches in this Paul Newberry fabric from his Manzanita collection as the same silouhette as the manzanita branch images that were once on their website:

Paul Newberry Fabric

Manzanita from Nettleton Hollow
Manzanita Branches from Nettleton Hollow

Branches photoshopped into my completely photoshopped living room 

Their prices seem good to me, but I’m not a habitual branch shopper so what do I know!

I didn’t see quite the right “branch” for my living room, but I’ll be checking back for sure, they seem to change inventory as the seasons do.

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  1. The branches are a great idea.
    You might try floral supply shops in your area.
    We have a floral supply place in our town that sells those type of branches. It is called Floral Supply Syndicate and sells wholesale.
    I checked and while they are not in NY state, you can mail order, but you need to have a resale # or business.
    If not maybe one of your readers can find another source.
    Great idea I hope you get to make it work.
    Oh and I love the new coral branch pillow on the sofa!

  2. Good tip, thanks! I figured there was somewhere locally.
    Yeah, I snuck that pillow in there to see if anyone would notice. It’s from zgallerie and I really love the print, but I don’t know if the navy is off base here and I need more of a aqua blue?

  3. What about scouting outside for a great branch (or bunch of them?. I like to do bare branches on the mantel in fall.

    Love your “new” photoshopped living room. Looks serene. But I am wondering why you don’t put two curtains on the window behind the sofa? Or tie the panel in the middle? You’ve got a wonderfully symmetrical thing happening and I find the single panel pulled to one side a bit jarring–I keep wanting to center it!

    But I love watching your progress. You’re doing fantastic!

  4. LOL Alana, sorry my asymmetry is making you crazy :)

    I guess because its such a small window, only about 30″ wide. It can barely take one normal sized panel. but tying it in the middle is something I should try ;)

  5. Not that you would want to use red of course but I found this photo while searching for party decor and I think it could look very sharp in a home. You could paint it with any highly lacquered paint color to get the same effect.

  6. Actually Mrs. limestone, you read my mind, I’ve been thinking about bright red coral quite a bit! The room needs some sort of accent color I think and coral red/orange might be perfect. I love the pic, thanks for posting it.

  7. Looks great, I love your creative use of photoshop!

  8. You gotta love photoshop.

    I too have a black thumb. It is really sad to be excited about new plants and have them die. Those branches look like a great solution! I cut some branches off of my Russian Sage last year (perovskia) and they still look great in their vase, almost a year later!

  9. First time to your site – beautiful! I love coral! I discovered some beautiful Kim Seybert coral pillows — take a look– http://rowhousecreative.blogsp.....rn%20Shore

  10. Dulcie, I never considered actually gathering my own – great idea.

    Thanks RowHouse! Your blog is so lovely..

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