You all got me thinking..

Taking all your advice into account from my last post on the living room redux, here’s what photoshop and I came up with:

living room redux

White Ikea  white Lenda curtains on all windows (sorry brocade, I love you but you’re just not working for me!) and these Jute/Poly shades from West Elm, miraculously in the exact width I need! Oh, and I photoshopped in these throw pillows for good measure. How many do you think I need? Can I get away with just two? Are they a good match or do you think I can do better?

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  1. Windows look great, good job! The pillows are photoshopped?? Wow! Yes, you need the pillows, four would look perfect.

  2. I like the look of the white curtains on both windows. Unless you want the shades for privacy, I’d go without them. The grills on the upper windows work nicely with the decor you have going. Covering them up with jute shades breaks up the style in my opinion.

    I actually prefer the pillows you have on the couch now.

  3. Mrs. Limestone, your ideas will actually keep my from having to spend more money! Wait, did my husband put you up to that? ;)

    The shades are partly for privacy and also because our tv is across from the couch and at a certain time of day the sun is really glaring through those windows.

    When you say “grills” you mean the grid pattern in the wood between the glass?

  4. Haha, I have those too! (in the dining room and on the front door) They’re a little darker than they seem online, and more taupe than sandy/beige (which I like). Those pillows may not match as well as it seems though.

  5. nice pillows!!!

  6. I LOVE it! So put-together, I’m a sucker for white shears and bamboo shades.

  7. I love clean/crisp white curtains. I have white ones from Ikea in my living room and dining room. I’m not a big fan of tab top, but since you have the rod up higher, it works. With the Ikea ones, careful if you hem them…when you wash them later you’ll easily lose another 2 inches.

  8. Jean, I’m not a huge fan of tab top either, but I think it kind of works in a casual breezy setting..?

  9. The only thing I really don’t like about these sort of woody shades are how they look from the outside of the house. I think it really takes away from a house to see any color in the windows, even brown. I always use white curtains or curtains lined in white on the front of my house or any window visible from the road. And really, I don’t think you need them anyway. White sheers will fit in with the look of the room and look airy, almost beachy. I loved your brocade curtains. Will they work in another room? I hate the idea of them being cut up for pillows. They are too special.

    Also please tell us how you painted and distressed your coffee table. It looks so amazing!

  10. Lori, excellent point. Fortunately these aren’t visible from the front of the house or the back of the house.. there’s a porch between the window behind the couch and the front of the house and the three big windows are on the side.

    I must give the credit to the painting/distressing to Jeff! I sent him to my local Benjamin Moore dealer with a jar I wanted him to color match to and told him to speak to my friend John to ask him the best type of paint. He ended up getting floor paint so it would hold up well.

    Jeff used the hand sander to rough up the previous finish, then painted two coats of the floor paint trying not to completely lose the brown underneath in the crevices. After the second coat he used the hand sander a bit around the edges to reveal more brown and give it a distressed look. It took him all of about 30 minutes! It was so hot the paint dried instantly.

    Now that he’s seen how easy it is, I’ve got him to agree we should start a shabby chic craigslist/ebay business!

  11. Oh, and Lori, did you change your blog format? It looks different.. and am I crazy or is there no way to post a comment?

  12. Oh wow Nicole, glad you gave me that info. Yeah they defininitely look darker in your pics than the online pics. Maybe I should get them in white.. hmmm back to the drawing board!

  13. Oooh, I measured wrong, I can have up to about 27″ which means I can get the ones from target or maybe these (in the “light sisal” color from JC penney, on sale for $15!

  14. Lovely, though I agree with Mrs. Limestone about your current pillows.

    About the IKEA drapes, on the tiny instructions they give you a percentage of how much they will shrink and how to use it to calculate your hems. It’s spookily accurate because after I washed mine they were shorter by that much!

  15. I like the look! Thanks for the description of painting and distressing the coffee table.

    The pillows aren’t bad, but I think I’d like them more if they picked up a little more of the blue/green color of the table. Do you have plans for the brocade, or could it become pillows?

    Your house is looking so great – it’s just like a Cottage Living spread.

  16. I forgot to say that I’d probably keep the shades. We had sheer white tab tops in my living room for a while, and it’s nice to be able to pull the shades if you just want to crash on the couch with a migraine. Otherwise it’s almost insufferably bright.

  17. Lsaspacey and Iloveupstate, thanks for the tips about the ikea curtains and shrinkage.. I wonder if I should just wash and dry them before hemming?

    Ellen, I agree, I like the option of having shades to shut out the glare.. I’m still on the hunt for pillows. I do like the ones in the picture but they are 20×20 which is alarmingly large for a throw pillow!
    Cottage Living Spread.. that’s much too kind, but I do appreciate it :)

  18. All the Best,
    Sorry your comment got approved only just now – I don’t know why but it went into comment spam and I just noticed. Anyway, I’ve sinced realized those pillows are too big, if you spot any others that are similar please let me know!

  19. Hi Ariana, I had to close comments until I resolve my housing issues. We have 2 investment properties on the market and are now putting our home on the market because they aren’t selling. I couldn’t deal with comments making me feel worse about my situation. I’ll put them back on when something sells and I feel more stable. Until then you can alway email me.

  20. Lori, I understand. I was reading through some of your posts, i really hope the properties start selling.. sounds as if you are going through some tough times, I really hope that things get better for you guys :(

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