The Porch of Projects Becomes The Porch of Progress..

Our poor porch.

First it was used as a construction debris receptacle, then as a furniture painting studio. Finally, this weekend with the completion of the vanity and dresser makeover, the enclosed front porch was free of painting projects and ready to become a Porch for the first time since we bought the house!

Right side of porch before

Right Side of Porch Before

Right Side of Porch After

Right Side of Porch After

Left Side of Porch Before

Left Side of Porch Before

Left Side of Porch After

Left Side of Porch After

Yes, we finally found a place for the Lazy Boy / Todd Oldham recliner that I’ve grown to hate so much.. but on the porch, I actually love it!

There is much work still to be done here, new curtains, new paint job, new lighting and some plant stands and plants etc. but even as is, it’s become one of our favorite places to hang out.

What I’m really looking forward to is ripping out the aluminum siding to expose the wood planks underneath. In the “Right Side of Porch” after shot above you can see the back wall where we exposed a test area.. its very old and chippy looking and somewhat resembles driftwood – I think it would add a beautiful rustic warmth to the overall feel of the porch. But that is most likely a project for another year…

For now, I’m just happy not to have a multitude of half-finished painting projects greeting me everytime I walk in the door!

5 Responses to “The Porch of Projects Becomes The Porch of Progress..”

  1. Looks like a wonderfully cozy spot!

  2. Thanks, its turning out to be a favorite spot already!

  3. Looking good! Isn’t it wonderful to have a porch? We love ours. :)

  4. About the siding–Have you got a building expert you can consult? I’d be wary of ripping off the siding–it may provide protection against the elements. But, then again, you may not have to worry about wind and snow as much as we do!

    Lovely porch.

  5. […] that the recliner had found its way to the porch, we were able to put a smaller Ikea chair we had there and the whole corner is working much […]

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