Vanity & Dresser Makeover

This weekend I finished the last project on The Porch of Projects, the Craigslist Vanity & Dresser.

Both the dresser and vanity had a circle and diamond shaped groove in the top drawer that gave them the distinct look of nursery furniture. So my first order of business was to fill those with wood fill. I left the squarish ones on the sides around the pulls though:

The dresser didn’t get much else other than new knobs to replace the super shiny stainless steel ones and some paint touch up where it had come off in chunks from the electrical tape the seller used to tape the drawers shut.

Dresser Before

Craigslist Dresser Before (well, after wood fill anyway)

And here is the after with the glass knobs I ordered from the House of Antique Hardware:

Dresser After Paint

Dresser with New Knobs and Some Paint

Hmmm, it looks a little too new in that picture, but it does have more of a shabby apperance in person!

The vanity took a bit longer to complete because I wanted to add a few appliqués for some decorative detail and I also replaced the single knob pulls on the top drawer with double screw bale pulls. I only have these little pics of the vanity before from the craigslist ad:

vanity before

Vanity and Mirror Before 

mirror before appliques

Close up of Mirror Before Appliques 

And here are some after pics!

Vanity with appliques

Vanity table detail with new glass knobs, bale pulls on top drawer and applique in the center

vanity table and mirror

Vanity Table and Mirror Together

Here you can see the appliques I added to the mirror too, the big one at the bottom center, and the three scrolly ones at the top.


In case your interested in the materials I used, here are the details..

Paint: Benjamin Moore White Heron in Pearl Finish (watered down).

Knobs: 1 1/4″ Hexagonal Glass Cabinet Knobs from house of Antique Hardware.

Vanity Pulls: 3″ Victorian Bale Style Pull from House of Antique Hardware.

Appliques: from Ebay Store Do it Yourself Chic

I do still plan on adding some appliques to the dresser but have to order more – I ran out because I used them all on the vanity and mirror. But for right now it will do… and I’m very much enjoying putting my makeup on at my new vanity every morning (and having a place to store my overabundant beauty product collection :)

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  1. Wow, what a great makeover!

  2. you are a very busy bee!!! but it’s certainly paying off!!! very nice appliques on the vanity, it now looks with a ton of personality!!!

  3. Hi Ariana, I am loving reading about the transformation of your home! Between you and “Making it Lovely” I cannot get enough—and then it is so easy to put off my own projects. I went back and read the entries about your kitchen cabinet doors. I had the same problem priming my own cabinet doors—the primer is so sticky it, it is the worst paint job I have ever done, and the foundation for all coats of paint that follow. How did you fix yours? They look lovely in your pics, but mine still show the yucky primer layer and I am afraid I’ll need to sand all down to the bare wood, which is feeling quite overwhelming at the moment. Sorry this is so long, but since you had the same problem, what did you do? Also, the vanity and dresser look great and remind me of my grandmother’s, only they were the prettiest shade of pale green… :)

  4. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for the kind words!

    Just to clarify, the problem I had with the priming job was that my husband was really sloppy when applying it so there were huge big paint drips and that was where it was goopy and not “dry”. Is that the same problem you’re having or is yours sticky all over? I wouldn’t worry about the color at all because the paint will cover it. But if you have drips you want to get rid of, I found the most effective way was to use a blade or a scrape and then lightly sand the whole surface before painting.

    Something that helped me with the sanding between coats is to feel for the bumps rather than look.. I always rand my hand over the surface and sanded with really fine sandpaper (like over 300) anything that didn’t feel smooth.

    But then again, mine didn’t really come out that well! Notice I didn’t post any real close ups :)

  5. Thank you for your reply, Ariana,

    I guess my problem is a little different—the primer I used did not go on very smoothly and I made it worse, trying to make it smoother, even though normally I am a pretty decent painter. Now I have permanent “v”s and brush strokes, rather than drips, that unfortunately are dry, so I don’t think the scraper will help at this point. I am afraid there is some serious sanding in my future. I also have an overhead light, like you, that shows every blemish, so thanks for the tip about running your hand over the surface—that will be helpful once I tackle this job (again).

    I know your cabinets were a big headache for you, and that is oddly comforting to me because it looks as if you have made it through. Your kitchen looks lovely now!

  6. They all look great! It was a good choice to fill in those wierd designs on the dresser. Thanks for the link to the hardware store. It’s so difficult to find good pulls.

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  10. These pieces look fantastic after the makeover. Well done!

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