The China Cabinet has been Collected


Some of you may remember when I bought the antique china cabinet on ebay about a month or so ago.  The seller is about 120 miles away in Pennsylvania, so it took us a while to schedule a time to meet half way.

Having looked at a google map of the route between the seller and us, I randomly picked the town of Clinton NJ as a good halfway point and proceeded to do a google search on the town to see if I could find a restaurant or store to use as a meeting place. And luck must have been on my side because Clinton NJ is one of the cutest most picturesque little towns I have ever been to in the US!

Clinton NJ

Clinton NJ

As we drove into town early Sunday morning, many residents were sipping coffee on rocking chairs on their Victorian porches (I’m not making this up!) and the main street was lined with adorable shops and restaurants.

Old River House RestaurantThe exchange with the seller went perfectly, we even arrived into town and parked at the exact same moment. The cabinet fit into our Xterra without an inch to spare!

After the exchange Jeff and I had breakfast outside at the Old River House Restaurant overlooking the river and one of the town’s bridges, replete with hanging plants, lovely foliage and residents taking a Sunday stroll into town.

Ok, enough about Clinton, back to the cabinet…

It’s even more beautiful than I had hoped! The decorative detail is stunning and the distressed paint job is gorgeous…so much so that even though the green doesn’t look so good in my blue dining room, I’m reluctant to change it. It fits perfectly in the space we had in mind and some cool little features such as a pull out cup rack and grooves in the top two shelves to be able to stand plates up for decorative purposes.

And at last, the pics!

Antique China Cabinet

China Cabinet Empty

China Cabinet detail top

China Cabinet Detail – Top

China Cabinet Detail Drawer

China Cabinet Detail – Drawer

China in Cabinet

Filled with our Wedding China

This may be the first online purchase that I’ve actually loved at first sight. Yay!


11 Responses to “The China Cabinet has been Collected”

  1. gorgeous!! And honestly, from the pictures I don’t think it looks bad at all against the dining room color! Oh, how I wish my china cabinet actually FIT in my dining room. haha.

    What pattern is your wedding china, btw? It looks familiar…I think it might have been a contender for ours when we were registering…

  2. Thanks Kimberly!

    Yeah, it looks better in the pics than in real life where it kind of makes the dining room color look drabby gray :(

    The wedding China is Kate Spade Corona Grove. I had the hardest time picking out a pattern.. I didn’t like anything. In the end I chose this one because it seemed art deco to me and my weddign theme was Miami art Deco (we got married in South Beach) so I just went with it! What did you choose?

  3. In the end we went with Ralph Lauren Pearl Silk Ribbon.

    I can’t even tell you how many times I added and deleted my fine china from the registry. In the end, I’m pleased.

    And yes, I remember Corona Grove! Very pretty set!

  4. Ooooh, very nice! They are kind of similar patterns aren’t they? I love the silver and white, hopefully it will remain timeless and go with anything. I’m glad my mom stopped me from getting the turquoise version!

  5. It looks simply divine!!! Great job. You’ve got to love eBay!

  6. Thanks ATB – I do love ebay… a little too much ;)

  7. it’s beautiful!!! and yes, in the pictures, the color looks great against the wall!!! maybe it’ll grow on you…

  8. Nice piece! It looks really great. I can see why you would be apprehensive about painting over that pretty green. Hmmm…

  9. I think it’s growing on my already…I probably won’t even notice it in a few days. I’m like that with everything.. totally obsessed and then later completely oblivious :)

  10. I grew up near Clinton, NJ! There’s a picture of me as a toddler feeding ducks by the Mill. It’s an adorable town!

    The china cabinet is really lovely. I can’t believe how cheap things are on that ebay site.

  11. Kristen, I totally forgot to post about the ducks in the river.. so charming.

    Aren’t their prices amazing? Bob told me they have a warehouse full of tons more.. definitely worth a weekend trip at some point!

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