Yes, Our Kitchen Cabinets DO Have Doors!

It has been a while since I posted a sneak peak of the kitchen cabinet doors installed, mostly because the kitchen was too much of a mess to photograph. But my sister’s visit on Tuesday gave me the perfect excuse to tidy up and snap some pics of the current state of the kitchen.

Now that it’s actually being used for things like cooking and eating (rather than painting and sawing) you’ll noticed it looks a bit more “lived in.”

There’s still much to be done (backsplash anyone?) but its functional and livable and I must admit, its makes me a little happy every time I walk in!

So with out further ado, current pictures of my milk truck kitchen:
Kithcen view from living room

Kitchen cabinet doors: Views from Dining Room

Kitchen cabinet doors view from stove

Kitchen wih Cabinet Doors View from left of Stove

Kitchen cabinet doors view from living room

Kitchen Cabinets with Doors: View from living Room

Kitchen Pantry Area After

Kithchen Cabinets with Doors:  View of Pantry Area

Close up of sink and faucet

Close Up of new Sink & Faucet… with dirty dishes. Nice! 

Drawer with contact paper

Junk Drawer! (?)

You may be wondering why I included that last shot of a junk drawer.. because I wanted to show off the black and white checkered Con-Tact paper that I ordered on amazon (couldn’t find it locally.)  I got my black and white checks in the kitchen after all!  :)

19 Responses to “Yes, Our Kitchen Cabinets DO Have Doors!”

  1. wow!!! it looks VERY nice and VERY polished!!! i love a black and white kitchen!!!

  2. NO WAY!! I’m speechless! It’s so beautiful and shiny! Love it!

  3. It looks gorgeous!

  4. It looks SO good! Congrats!

  5. Holy cannoli!!! It’s looks simply perfect (dishes in the sink and all)! It’s so freaking lovely. I want to sit at your counter and have a cup of tea.

    P.S. Is that contact paper sticky? Or non-stick? I can’t find non sticky contact paper…well, pretty non sticky contact paper.

  6. Aw, thanks guys!

    @Kimberly, you have a standing invitation to come over for tea anytime!

    This particular con-tact paper IS the sticky kind -thank god. That other stuff (the one I found in stores) doesn’t have the peal back stick layer and is impossible, it looks like crap cause it just flops up everywhere.

  7. It looks great. What type of counter did you use?

  8. Thanks Adrienne! Its absolute black granite.. I really wanted marble, but was swayed by all the marblephobes! :)

  9. Wow Ariana – you see me go green with envy. That’s a fantastic kitchen, absolutely beautiful!!

  10. Looks beautiful!!! I WISH my junk drawer looked THAT good!

  11. I’m with Trish! Wish that was my junk drawer too! The kitchen looks GREAT!

  12. Looks great. Perfect example of how a few new finishes can make a not so new kitchen ultra hip and very functional.

  13. I spy…a little dog in one of the pics…who wants to come visit me. I have massive dog envy. The Fiance hates dogs. It makes me NUTS.

    I like how clean/crisp everything is…nice lines! Especially love the cabinet handles.

  14. Looove the kitchen…so bright! LOL at your contact paper…love it!

  15. Iloveupstate, so glad you noticed the dog, I almost mentioned her in the caption but wanted to see if anyone would notice how cute she looks in the background there… You would totally dig her she is SUCH a character. I’m lucky, she came with jeff who’s had her since she was 2 months old and she’s now the world’s most active energetic 13 year old shih tzu!

    The cabinet handles were the cheapest ones at home depot that fit the existing holes in the drawers..and the ones we liked best. How often does that happen?

  16. That is really an amazing transformation. I had to go back to your old kitchen posts and take a good look. I really love it that you kept the old cabinets. Well done.

  17. I think we have the same counter tops! We are in the long process of remodeling. Unfortunately the granite wasn’t cut properly and they are coming to fix tomorrow. I will have an off white subway tile back splash. My floors are black and off white diagonal 18″ tiles. I’ll be so glad when this project is finished!

  18. Ariana, what did you decide to do for a backsplash? Weren’t you thinking of colors a while back?

  19. Kristen, yes I was thinking of colors.. I think though, for simplicity’s sake I may do a 4″ granite backsplash with white subway tile above it. Its really hard to match the wall color! Of course I should have done it the other way around.. live and learn :)

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