Curtain Solution?

There seemed to be a common consensus in your comments about the curtains (say THAT ten times fast!) that some sort of sheers underneath would help the look. Ya’ll are so clever!

I had actually been wondering how I was going to replace the ugly blinds that were left by the previous owner with something functional and beautiful. I like the convenience and the look of having a shade that mounts on each window separately so that it’s easy to lift them if you want to open one window but not the others.

And since we already have the inside mount hardware installed, if I could only find shades that are pretty, exactly 26″ wide and afordable, all of my curtain problems could potentially be solved…

And I think I found them! Check it out:

pottery barn drape shades

Pottery Barn Drape Shades

Bizarrely, these retail on the Pottery Barn site for $19, but during a google search I discovered that they are selling the identical shade at Pottery Barn Kids for $15! (Honestly, I didn’t think Pottery Barn sold anything for under $100 so this strikes me as a pretty good deal.)

In the course of trying to find these shades I discovered that we probably didn’t hang the rods and hardware in the right place when we installed them on the window trim rather than the wall.

I honestly didn’t even THINK about this because there were already holes in the trim we just figured that’s where they must go. But apparently curtains tend to look more elegant installed above the trim and wider than the trim. Who knew? (Probably everyone but me!)

On the Pottery Barn Kids website (but not on the adult one – do they think only mom’s need to be told how to do this stuff?) they have a pretty good little guide on how to measure for curtains that I wish I’d seen before we mounted most of ours. Hopefully this will avoid some of you making the same mistake we did:

measuring for curtains
So what do you think, solution to my curtain woes or waste of money?

6 Responses to “Curtain Solution?”

  1. I made the same mistake when I bought my house (and I have not corrected it yet!). I mounted all my curtain rods to the trim. OOPS. Someday…I will fix it.

    That’s a great price on those shades at Pottery Barn. I bought mine at Target (Shabby Chic) and they were like $25 each.

  2. I saw those at target! They are really cute, but they are about twice as wide as I need. So for the extra width, you got a good deal :)

  3. those sheer ones are cute!!! can’t wait to see how they look!

  4. Thank you for this! Honestly, I knew only vaguely about proper curtain hanging and the rules and regulations, but this is perfect. Too bad I also fudged a little on the existing curtains that have been hung, but this will seriously help out in the future!

  5. I was looking around at window treatments tonight, and I came across this:
    Pottery Barn Windows. I remembered you talking about only seeing it on the PB Kids site, so I don’t know if you saw the regular PB version or not.

  6. […] more of a natural white rather than a pure white. And now I’m questioning the wisdom of the Pottery Barn Baloon shades as under treatments in this room.. maybe instead I should go like natural bamboo shade or something […]

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