It’s all about the curtains..

As I mentioned in my earlier post today, we actually DID get quite a bit of work done this weekend (even if I have no pics yet to show for it) for a couple of reasons:

1) My lovely little sister Roxanne is coming to visit the house from LA for the first time tomorrow

2) There is the possibility we will be photographed in our house for an article in the NY Times this week

3) I am DYING to put up our curtains.

Mostly because of #3, I really made a big push to get the trim painting done – In fact I have huge blister as a result all that trim painting.

I HOPE to hang some of the curtains tonight so that they will be there when Roxy comes tomorrow. She’s a really talented graphic designer , has been through her own apartment remodel and is also the only member of my family adept at making decisions. I need to take advantage of her advice for the short time she’s here, so its in our best interest to have as many of the decorative elements in place before she arrives!

Here’s a sneak peak of the Living Room curtains:

curtains for dining room

Living Room Curtains on the Couch

See how the gold background of the damask works so well with the couch fabric? I can’t wait to add the blue to the as of now overwhelmingly gold room.

Saving the best for last, here are the guest room curtains that I found at Bed Bath and Beyond the other day.. for just $30:

living room curtains

Black and White Guest Room Curtains

They are just the baroque look I was going for in this Brocade Home inspired room.. or as Jeff calls it “The Goth Room.”

Also at Bed Bath and Beyond I picked up these Lindsey curtains on clearance for $15.. I don’t really have anywhere to put them, but for that price I figured I’d find SOME use for them because I really liked the print and the colors.

Linsdey Curtains on Clearance at BB&B

Maybe I shouldn’t have posted about those last ones.. I really didn’t want Jeff to know about those.. lets just keep that between us K?

9 Responses to “It’s all about the curtains..”

  1. Just found your delightful blog, what great progress you have made. I would love to link your blog to mine. Look forward to seeing the curtains up.

  2. wow!!! your curtain fabric y sooooooo nice!!! the gold background looks very very nice, i love it!!! and the black and white curtains… well i love those too!!! post pictures of them up whenever you can! it’s great to see the process of things shaping up, isn’t it???

  3. I love all of the curtains you have there. Looks a little like Brocade Home to me.

    I found a fabric on-line last night almost exactly like the blue bb&b curtain in your post, and I thought it would go perfectly in my bedroom, but the fabric was $22/yard. I’m hoping my bb&b has some of those too … I’ll be running down there today. Thanks!

  4. @allthebest, your blog page seems to be down..I’m looking forward to checking it out!

    Thanks antibride.. I’m going to post pictures, though it does’nt look as good as I’d hoped :(

    Heather, can you post a link to the fabric you found? I may be interested in making some pillows..or trying anyway!

  5. I love ALL the curtains you picked out! The brocade is so elegant. I’m w/Heather — gotta run right down to BB&B and see if they have any of those pretty clearance curtains here in Chicago! So glad I found your blog via Heather — it is so pretty and inspirational — I’ll be back often!

  6. Love the blue and gold curtain. Where did you get it?

  7. Thanks Trish, so glad you found me! I used to sort of be in the wedding business too (wedding planning :)

    Mrs. Limestone, the blue and gold curtains I got at the home section of TJ Maxx a few months ago. They might be kind of hard to find, but I’ll check the label and see what brand they are, that might help!

  8. Can you tell me where you got the black and white curtains? I love that fabric! Thanks so much.

  9. I have the Bed Bath and Beyond black and white curtain but am moving and was neeeding more, I was wondering if you were willing to sell yours?

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