Moving is Always Full of Little Surprises

Like how overwhelming a house full of boxes can be…


Or how furniture you used to love or at least like just doesn’t work in your new home…

Couch and Ottoman

That Ottoman Has to Go!

Ugly recliner

This Recliner is Ugly and Bulbous, even if it is Tod Oldham Fabric!

The way your spouse labeled your things when packing…

lots of shoes

Nice Baby, Thanks.

And how even the littlest member of the family gets caught in the madness..

Sammy with tape in her ears!

“I hate Moving.”

Thanks for all of your well wishes for the move… more news from the war zone soon!

8 Responses to “Moving is Always Full of Little Surprises”

  1. oh, boxes… i have four months in my new house and STILL have many many boxes!!! so you better keep calm… i don’t know if you could ever get rid of them… some will surely remain unpacked in the basement, attic, garage or whatever storage room is available! :P

    btw, i live in leon, guanajuato in mexico. you’re welcome to visit anytime… i just won’t let you steal my chairs ;)

  2. Send me tha chair…and the dog. Put a pretty shawl over the ottoman and deal with that another day…like in November.

  3. I am soooo there right now! Totally in sympathy with you on the house full of boxes, labeling, & random tapeage, I just keep telling myself “it will be so much nicer after we settle in to the new house”. Yeah, that’ll only take the next two years! And don’t even get me started on furniture, me and the DH are in the middle of a war over his “bachelor days” rejects. I just don’t want to drag all that crap to a new place just to throw it out when we have a perfectly good dumpster right now. BTB, I would totally take your ottoman, goes great with our leather sofa! Things will get better, I promise, even if it’s only in small increments.

  4. @antibride, thanks for the invite! Same goes for you if you and your husband ever want to stay in the burbs of NYC. We don’t have any chairs you’d want to steal :)

    @iloveupstate you can have the chair but not the dog (isn’t she the cutest?)

    @sarah, best of luck with your big move! I know exactly what you mean about the furniture wars.. luckily all the furniture my husband had was disposable. Like the ikea loft (read “bunk”) bed he had when I met him!

  5. I think the ottoman is cool — maybe it just needs to be reinvented in some way. Good luck getting things in order!

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  7. Dulcie, I love the ottoman too- functionally.. its so nice to have something soft to put your feet on. Maybe I can reupholster it?

  8. […] It started out innocently enough on Saturday morning..picking up an antique coffee table I won from a local ebay seller for $10 back when I hated the way the dark coffee table/ottoman looked in the living room: […]

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