Moving Day and Thanks

We thought it would never come.. the day we actually move into the house we’ve owned for over two months now!

Of course it’s not really the ideal time to move in for a few reasons:

1) Its Friday the 13th.

2) The Floors were refinished just 48 hours ago. Yikes!

3) Several projects that need completing will be infinitely more difficult with furniture present, such as: painting the baseboards and installing the toe-kicks.

But today’s post is dedicated to my wonderful parents who have fed and sheltered us for the last 7 months. They provided us with a calm haven to retreat to every night during the past two months of renovation madness and the 5 months of house hunting before that. In addition to food and shelter, they have been an indispensable source of support and guidance as we try to navigate the world of home ownership for the first time…

So thanks Mom & Dad, we could never have done this without you!

Michael and Sally Daner on their wedding day

Ariana’s Parents on Their Wedding Day, June 20, 1973

9 Responses to “Moving Day and Thanks”

  1. Congrats! Can’t wait to come and visit.

  2. Your first night at the house…out of the parents’ house. Might I suggest you both run naked from room to room? I’m sure your parents are lovely, but if I had to live with my fiance’s family for more than 48 hours, I’d need sedatives.

  3. congratulations on moving day!!! it’s such a big day and soooo exciting!!! as one friend told us on moving day now i’m telling you: it’s the time to tame your new house. it’s very important to remember it’s you who has to break it in, not vice versa…

  4. Iloveusptate, good idea but that’s probably an activity we should indulge in once we have curtains ;)

    Thanks for the words of wisdom antibride, the taming of the beast shall commence!

  5. Alexis!! So glad you finally stopped by. Can’t wait to have you and Scott come visit – better be soon!

  6. Ariana, your parents look so cool and happy.
    Good luck with the move. July 13th is my son’s birthday so i think this a lucky day.-Priscilla

  7. Thanks Priscilla, my parents actually are pretty cool and happy still to this day, I’m a lucky girl!

  8. Ahhhhh, that’s sweet. congrats!

  9. Hope your move went well! :)

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