I had to Buy it, Really!

shabby chic vanity and chest

Vanity (and chest) that I found on Craigslist for $150 from an actor who goes by “Bones

No really, I did because our upstairs bathroom is SO small that I have no where to put my rather, um, “extensive” makeup and product collection. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that its totally shabby chic and adorable and will look perfect in my lavender gray schemed guest room.

You are wondering why I haven’t posted about tiny bath dilemma yet when it is, after all, our house’s most obvious flaw?

I’m glad you asked.

The truth is I have compartmentalized that issue into a full blown case of denial..If I don’t think about it, blog about it, or otherwise pay it any attention to it maybe I will wake up one morning and find that our flea sized bathroom has magically transformed into a beautiful and spacious en suite master bath overnight.

Because the reality of the dingy tub, child sized sink with woodgrain cabinet and slanted wall shower are too much for my mind to handle right now. That is a renovation project for another year.. maybe even another income bracket!

In the meantime, I will use my house’s flaws as any good homeowner would, as an excuse to buy things I wouldn’t otherwise need. :)

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  1. soooo nice!!! totally shabby chic!!! and about the bathroom… since you already fessed up, now show some pictures, maybe we can help!

  2. Antibride, well… I only have one picture of it, from before when we bought the house. Because we kinda used it as a brush cleaning studio.. and all sorts of other storage. Its a wreck now. Here’s my one picture, the tile is in reality navy and white, not black and white like it looks here. But believe it or not, except a sink immediately to the left that is not show, this is pretty much the entire thing!

  3. I, too, was going to ask you for pics of the bathroom, but I just looked at that one! I think I have you beat. Mine might be a little bigger (and it has a generous closet) but it is way WAY uglier! It will be a huge ordeal, and I agree with the “another income bracket” statement. At least it is functional.

    Cute shabby chic stuff!

  4. Dulcie I challenge you to a duel, my space challenged bathroom against your aesthetically challenged bathroom!!
    JK :)

    Yes, I suppose as long as they work, they are performing their main function and can be left alone.. for a while anyway.

    In reality, there’s no where for us to expand it short of a super-duper expensive dormer punch out or making our 3 bedrooms upstairs into 2 bedrooms. Truth is, I might be just a teeny bit relieved that the problem is almost too severe to remedy.. saving me from agonizing over the decision of what to do about it!

  5. to the left is a sink or a shower??? or both??? it does seem small, but look at it this way, you’ll have less clutter inside (that way you can really use the shabby chic set as gorgeous storage), the tiling is ok, and with nice paint, nice window treatments, maybe some simple shelves and art as decoration you can cozy it up!

  6. Are you in 1 and a half story bungalow? I dated a guy who had the slanted wall shower where you could only stand in a small designated area or you hit your head. He was very lucky that he was 5’10” and not taller, because I felt claustrophobic when I used it and I’m only 5’5″.

  7. @antibride, to the left is a sink and a shower. I think you can see the far end of the shower in the picture.

    @lsaspacey, YES! Its a 1.5 story..I’m not entirely sure what the definition of bungalow is..the house was built as a summer house for nyc dwellers but its kind of cape style.
    Anyway, the shower is slanted, but must not be as bad as ther exe’s b/c Jeff is 6’1″ and he can stand in it. I made him get in there before we bought the house! I bet it will be clausterphobic..we haven’t actually showered in there yet.

  8. I have no clue what the layout of your house is…but I moved around a few interior walls a few months ago, including materials it was less than $2800 (I hired someone…) and my bedroom is mega-big now. Maybe you can steal a few feet away from a room next to the bathroom? Granted, if you’re talking about moving plumbing that’s more expensive…

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