Sneak Peak: Cabinet Doors – With Hardware!

Last night we put the cabinet doors up… and I’m very happy and more than a little relieved to report that the self closing hinges worked! The doors actually CLOSE. Hallelujah!

After painting the cabinets and installing the doors our kitchen looks like a tornado came through (and there’s still painter’s tape everywhere) so I didn’t take my official “after” pictures. But I couldn’t resist snapping this one close up that shows the cabinet hardware…

Cabinet doors with hardware

What do you think? Not bad for stock home depot items.

Though I do think it looks a bit 50’s milk truck-ish what with all that white and stainless steel, but hey, I wanted retro and retro is what I got!

And of course, because this is the project from hell, we realized that one of the cabinet doors we needed did NOT get painted and one of the doors we didn’t DID. So its back to the porch/studio for me… and I unfortunately the official after shots will have to wait. GRRRRR.

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  1. Thanks for the sneak peek! (I almost wrote “snake peek.” ha)
    Can’t wait for the “official” after shot!

    Soon the project from hell will just be a distant memory.

  2. Dulcie, I hope you’re right… I am a bit afraid that my heart will hurt just a little every time I see the “cabinet acne”, particularly at night when the overhead lighting is strongest :(

  3. Looks just like our kitchen cabinets! Great site, glad I found you guys.

  4. Nah, that “cabinet acne” will grow on you. As you and your dh continue to work with each ther and help each other, you may even see it with fondness. (Maybe). Remember–relationships first, stuff after–waaaay after. (PS I have the same sort of hardware on my cabinets and it’s so sleek.

  5. It looks great!

  6. If you are looking for a retro stove… parents just updated. They have a 1960 Flair by Frigidaire. My mother kept it sparkling and spotless. One burner isn’t working perfectly but there is a brand new replacement. There is a little black paint off on the pull out but can be fixed easily. The stainless is beautiful. Parts are still available and it is neat looking if you have a 50’s decor. See it at Mom’s is just as pictured.

    Pictures available if you are interested.

  7. TT-Lee, I just bought a new stove, but thanks for thinking of me, your mom’s stove sounds beautiful..

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  9. I am freaking out because I threw away the hinges that were on my kitchen cabinets, thinking the ones I bought at HD were exactly the same. They are not. My cabinets seem to be the same ones you have and it looks as though you used the offset spring closing hinges that I am considering trying. The cabinets originally had surface mount offset hinges, colonial in style. Do your cabinets have a “lip” on the inside of the doors? Can someone email me if they either have the old hinges or can tell me if the spring hinges will work on what I have?

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