My New China Cabinet and other Shopping Tidbits..

Thank you for all of your opinions about the items we were considering buying before last weekend. I thought I should post an update since so many of you were kind enough to post your advice!

1) For some reason we never made it to see the grill…too much chaos with the tar incident.

2) Someone else beat me to the adorable yellow armoire…I’m still really sad about that one :(

3) The dining room set with hutch: In a rare moment of restraint and logic, I realized that I shouldn’t buy anything that I’m not totally and completely in love with, no matter how much of a steal the price may be. The fact that I went to see the set and didn’t swoon over it pretty much meant that it wasn’t speaking to me, or at least not loudly enough to demand that I listen so I resolved to keep looking.

I decided to expand my search from craigslist to ebay using the local search within xxx miles feature so that I could find something we could pick up and avoid paying a fortune in shipping fees…

And I’m so glad I did because LOOK at what I just bought from a somewhat-local ebay seller that has some really amazing cottage style antiques at great prices!

my new antique china hutch!

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.. its oh so cute and scrolly and it was a total bargain at $195. I think my Art Deco inspired wedding china will look quite lovely displayed in there:

my china

I had been so completely caught up in obsessively checking craigslist for bargains that I had entirely forgotten about the ebay local search within xxx miles feature. But once I started digging I turned up some really great ebay stores and sellers that I’ll keep my eye on for some of the other pieces I still need.

Obviously your local searches will turn up your own hidden treasures, but here are two that I stumbled upon that may interest those of you who share my love for cottage/french country style antiques:

Red Barn Estates
Unless you live somewhere in the vicinity of Midwest City, OK the shipping prices (approx. $250 via greyhound) may be too prohibitive but its really worth looking at Red Barn Estate’s offerings even if its just for inspiration.

They use the most lovely paint colors such as the gorgeous sea-foam green of this armoire I have been drooling over for our hall:

red barn estates armoire

and this vanity I have been eying for the guest room:

Red barn estates vanity

Kitch & Kaboodle
Another interesting and closer-to-home (well, for us anyway!) seller is “Kitch & Kaboodle” who operate out of Philadelphia and a Warehouse in NJ about an hour west of NYC. “Interesting” in this case is a slight euphemism for “confusing” because its a little bit hard to wade through the text and figure out exactly what they do..

As best as I can tell you buy an antique piece from them and they paint it your choice of colors.. you have to choose the piece from a page where they list items cataloged and available soon. It’s a bit hard to wade through, but worth it because their after pictures of previously customized items are just amazing, like this 1920’s vanity for $350:

Kitch and Kaboodle vanity

A piece like that from anthropologie or brocade home would sell for well over $1000!

Anyway, I hope my China Cabinet is as cute in person as it seems like it will be from the pictures because, like most things purchased on ebay, its not returnable!

8 Responses to “My New China Cabinet and other Shopping Tidbits..”

  1. It’s cute!! I didn’t realize ebay had a local search feature. That’ll come in handy whenever we get to the point where we can start buying furniture again.

  2. Yeah, its really useful because you can basically tell it how far from your zipcode to search.

    It’s funny how I assume everyone uses craigslist as much as I do and its my “go to” source, but when you actually think about it ebay has been around so much longer that I bet there are some ebay sellers who haven’t even heard of craigslist, or are so entrenched in ebay that they stick with it..

  3. wow! your china cabinet is such a nice piece!!! is it going to stay in that color or will you paint it?? and about the dining room set… i think the one you already have will look great, just add some vintage decoration and you’ll be set!

  4. Welcome Antibride!

    I’m glad you like it, though I must say it doesn’t hold a candle to your family heirlooms, but I’ve already whined about how jealous I am :)

    I think it will probably need to be painted white, its currently a whitish green.. I guess I’ll make that call when I get it… I need another thing to paint like I need a hole in the head!

  5. Hello! I’ve been compulsively reading your blog since I found it a few days ago. I think that this piece is so extreme it will contrast wonderfully with your dining room “transitional” set. The ones from JC Penney weren’t “far enough away” if you know what I mean. Some spotted Cathe Kidston type fabric on the chairs, your lovely chandelier and boom: instant “modern Euro country” a term I picked up from Decor8. If you haven’t seen that entry on her blog, I highly recommend it to you.

    Good luck with everything.

  6. Hi Alana,
    Yes! That totally crossed my mind too.. and I completely forgot to mention it in my post (got too sidetracked into the ebay tangent). I wasn’t aware though that there was a term for it…I’m off to seek out the post about Modern Euro Country on Decor8. Thanks!

  7. Wow oh wow, this is some great treasure! thanks for the lovely links.

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