The Floor Guy DID Show Up!

I arrived at the house after work and to my delight saw the floor company’s sign in our front yard!

Upstairs I found a beautiful sight.

Before I post the after pictures, here is a brief history of our upstairs floors:

Old carpet

Disgusting carpet under which was sheet vinyl tile (not shown).

close up of tar on floor

Under which was black cut back mastic (and this is the room that had the least of it.)

guest room floor before sanding

This is the guest bedroom post scraping.

And, drumroll please……..the original douglas fir hardwood floors after sanding!

guest room floor sanded

Guest bedroom sanded.
master bedroom sanded wood floor

Master bedroom sanded.

hall floor sanded

The infamous upstairs hall sanded to perfection!

It makes all of the hours of scraping and bickering seem worth it.. (yesterday’s post even provoked a first time appearance by Mr. Becoming Home) and today the floor guy puts the first coat of polyurethane on the upstairs. So by tonight we’ll have a better idea what color they will turn out…I can’t wait!

8 Responses to “The Floor Guy DID Show Up!”

  1. They look gorgeous! Wish we could have saved ours.

  2. Don’t feel bad Jamaila, you probably saved your relationship instead :)

  3. Looking fab!

  4. They look incredible!!!

  5. Ha ha — I very much enjoyed Jeff’s rebuttal. Especially the end (It is actually all your fault!) Isn’t marriage grand?

    But in the end, the floors look awesome! Yay!

  6. Yes, just grand… you see what I’m dealing with here?
    Now that Jeff has figured out how to post I’m definitely in trouble! ;-)

  7. Ari,
    I still understand that “if he had heard it from anyone else but me” part though. Isn’t that aggravating!?

  8. Yes, totally aggravating…And I like your first idea about owing us both massages! Seriously, I’m still sore everywhere.

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