Weekend Plans

The weekend is upon us and we’re in the unfamiliar territory called “the home stretch” in which we actually get to start “cleaning up” and “finishing things” in preparation for (gasp!) actually MOVING IN! Whoohooo!

Ok, as usual I’m getting a bit ahead of myself because we can’t move in until we have the floors redone (well, technically until several days after they are done and have a chance to cure) so there’s still some waiting but still, the goal is in site and its so exciting.

But for now, here are the things currently on my mind this weekend:

1) what color to glaze the kitchen cabinets – off white or green blue? (I want to tone down the stark white.)

2) finish the crown molding in the dining room ( this time right side up thank you very much!)

3) finally paint the master bedroom and finish the painting of the hall.

4) SHOP!!!

Thanks to craigslist, we’ve found a few items that we need (well, want anyway).. such as this grill for $100:

our new stainless steel grill?

This cheerful armoire (still in negotiations!) to put in the hall across from the bathroom to act as a linen closet:


And most controversially, this dining room set that the owner asking $300 for (negotiable):

Dining room set

that I would probably paint white like so:


I say its “controversial” because I really do want a hutch for my china and for extra storage, and I love the French country style of this one. But we already have a fairly new dining room table and chairs so Jeff thinks I’m crazy and more than a little spoiled to want to get this set. (Even if it DOES have three extra leaves and custom pads!)

But as I’ve posted about before, my tastes have been changing from modern transitional to more of a cottage-living french country look. And this set would look SO cute in our blue dining room with the antique gold chandelier… and I’d even look forward to the challenge of changing the upholstery on the chairs!

One thing I’m not sure I’m crazy about is that it looks like the hutch may have that criss cross pattern etched into the glass… You know what I’m talking about? Its not a look I’ve never really been enamored of so that could be a deal breaker. I guess I’ll find out Sunday when I go to take a look at it.


In the meantime, if you want to weigh in (new dining set or keep the old one) your comments are always appreciated. …although the last time I asked you all sided with Jeff. TRAITORS! ;-)

8 Responses to “Weekend Plans”

  1. Love the linen closet armoire! I think you can do better on the hutch – and I think your gut is telling you the same thing…

  2. CP, I was literally just reading about your latest flea market find as you posted!

    Thanks for your opinion.. i think you may be right about the hutch.. sadly, I think someone else beat me too the armoire :(

  3. Definitely get that armoire!

    If you can get a decent price for your current set, it wouldn’t be selfish. I say go for the vintage set, you said the other one was transitional anyway. Remember, you can change out the it too.

  4. Definitely, go with the vintage set. It has a lot of soul.

  5. If you don’t like the criss cross on the glass, take it to a glass shop and have it replaced. Will probably be less than $80. I had to replace one glass section in my armoire and it was $17. Take the doors off and bring them to the shop…

  6. We’re SO jealous of the grill you picked up for 100 bucks. Very nice. I definitely miss finding great bargains like this…it just isn’t the same in Germany.

    Hope the move is going well!!

  7. go with these. They have much more character than the other pieces. And all for $300??? Unless the pieces are falling apart, it’s a bargain!

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