Stair Landing – Before and After

I don’t have much to report today, yesterday was more of the same – painting cabinets. So I thought I’d take the time to post a picture of our pretty new stairs and landing!

As usual, I don’t have a great before picture, but you can see what this corner looked like before we touched it.

Stairs before with ratty carpet and wierd built-in

Check out that ratty carpet, bizarro built-in and ugly wall cut-outs!  We got rid of the built-in,  filled in the wall with cutouts and ripped up the carpet (which is also the lovely stuff that was covering the entire upstairs.)  Oh, and that’s pee yellow 1″x1″ tile on top of the built-in. The previous owner kept a computer up there (???!)  I wonder if he stood up to surf the net!

Anyway, when we removed the carpet the bottom landings were just plywood so we had to construct the wood floor:

Stair landings

The risers aren’t quite finished, so don’t be distracted by the spackle -or the painter’s tape.  Isn’t it pretty?

My mom and dad came over to the house last night and complained that nothing exciting had happened recently.  I’m inclined to agree, unless you call painting one coat on 6 cabinet doors exciting progress.

But that’s all about to change because this weekend we’re laying the kitchen floor AND the granite countertops are being installed.  So Monday’s weekend update should feature the most dramatic before and afters yet!

In the meantime, here’s some kitchen eye-candy I scanned this morning:

black and white kithen with red accents

Black and white kitchen with one strong accent color.  I want an accent color!

inspiration kitchen

I’m loving this shelf for pottery and plants above the kitchen window.

And how cute are those glass drawer pulls? If my husband would agree (when hell has frozen over), I’d definitely get these pretty-in-pink glass pulls and knobs from Look in the Attic:

pink glass door knobs           pink glass drawer pulls

And thanks for all of your (varying)  opinions about the backsplash!

5 Responses to “Stair Landing – Before and After”

  1. How sad is it that I’m sooo jealous of your stairs. Sigh. You’ve got, like, a first step and everything! No jumping! ;) And those pink drawer pulls are adorable, although I think Don would just move out if I tried to install them. I’m still trying to convince him that white kitchen cabinets would be good.

  2. I hear you, we only recently nailed down the stair heads.. it was a little dangerous there for a while :)

  3. The stairs are a night and day difference! Great job! I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog (check it out to see what that means). Hope you don’t mind. Have a great night.

  4. […] inspired built-ins our house came with are something I’ve only referenced up till now in passing…but they are (well, were) so craptastic that they deserve their whole own […]

  5. I am definitely jealous of the kitchen, it looks like the kitchen i use to see in the magazine or catalogs.

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