Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas..have any for me?

Its time for me to move on to the next (and last!) kitchen decorating decision, the subway tile backsplash!

Here are a few images I’ve collected off the net:

blue subway tile backsplash in kitchen

A colored tile with no liner/trim tile (I would probably do a greenish color though)

Cute green subway tile backsplash

Cute and very vintage looking colored tile with black liner. (Those dark hinges and pulls are making me wish I hadn’t bought silver ones!)

Simple subway tile backsplash

Classic white, no liner tiles.

And then there’s the decision about the stove backsplash..

I had originally thought some sort of stainless steel tile in a diamond pattern, but I think now maybe I want to do something cuter/more vintage like us a bright colored tile (turquoise maybe?) just behind the stove, or, just make a little black border like this: (excuse the bad photoshopping!)
Kitchen with black and white border

As always, your suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. I like the classic white subway backsplash with the cute black border by the stove… and maybe a small black line all the way around or something just so the stove detail doesn’t look out of place. I think that since you’ve got such a pretty greenish-gray on the walls already that putting another color in with the backsplash might be overdoing it — I’m a huge dork for super simple stuff with really classic lines, though, so I’m definitely biased. :)

  2. Yes, I think you may be right. I love the little black trim in front of the window in this picture:

  3. Ooh, that is cute! And it provides a nice little background for the little colorful things they’ve balanced on it. Also, anyone who decorates with lemons is A-OK in my book. I

  4. Dangit, that was supposed to say I heart lemons. I always forget you can’t lessthanthree in comments.

  5. I’m boring… I like classic white.

    That picture with the blue is super pretty though.

  6. Two votes for simple, thanks ladies! I probably will end up doing just one small black liner tile and white subway under the cabinets.. but I’m still torn about behind the stove..

  7. I would go with the subway tile – no liner, either white (probably the best idea) or a color (if you can find a great color). The liner dates it and makes a vintage statement which in my opinion you are better off without. Black border by the stove – too cute! The backsplash area doesn’t look too big so if you have the same thing behind the stove it ties it all together to maybe look more streamlined and larger. If you have something different behind the stove I would choose a stainless steel panel to make the stove and hood look united but I think you will run into the problem that the panel will be thinner than tiles and need to be built ou to the level of the tiles – too complicated.

  8. Sorry to be the loner here, but I really like the first pic of the blue tile. I think a bright color adds a lot of character and it’s fairly simple/clean. You can’t go wrong with any of them though…

  9. We just finished our countertops and backsplash. We did hex tile countertops and white subway tile backsplash with an accent strip of glass squares.


  10. This is my 1st post so go easy on me. I’m still trying to get my blog set up properly. I definitely like the last one with
    the border because it’s timeless. When considering stainless
    steel make sure it’s finger print resistant, I learned that
    from a refrigerator that I had and it was hell to keep it shining.

  11. I like the green with the black liner, but I really love vintage tile. If your house IS vintage, don’t be afraid to make a vintage statement!

  12. Benette,
    Glad you stopped by! Much luck with your new business.
    Kim, I’m leaning toward the liner.. thanks!

  13. OK, I just bought tile for my backsplash. Plain white subway tiles. We’re out of money, they were cheap, and they still look good.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you go with! I can live vicariously through your tiles. ;)

  14. Nicole, we’re totally out of cash too! And most likely will be going with plain white subway tiles from home depot, though I’m still trying to decide if I should do a backsplash of the granite and then subway on top of that and then maybe small liner tile?

    I’ve put this decision off for so long because technically it can be done at any time, but the wall back there is unfinished so I’d like to get it going.

    I can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

  15. […] Most of that ugliness is currently hidden by our toaster, coffee maker and other sundry appliances but I know its there.. plus, once it’s installed, we also have no excuse not to put up the subway tile in that corner that we’d been planning on doing all along. […]

  16. Do you have any pictures using white subway tile in a kitchen with dark cabinets or colored painted cabinets. I love the tile , but do not love white cabinet keep up. I think I have seen it before with dark cabinets. It had the look of a rustic barn type kitchen.Please give me your opinion on different looks.
    Thank You,

  17. I too like white subway tile, but am thinking of maybe marble subway tile or white subway tile backsplash, with white carrera marble slab right behind the kitchen stove area. I like the whole traditional white cabinetry, black granite, white subway tile and or marble tile. It’s timeless.

  18. Oh i’m in love with the blue tile!! We might be moving to this adorable craftsman style home..and we would redo the kitchen..i came across your blog while googling subway tiles! trying to get images to inspire me..and i’m definitely inspired!!

  19. I’ve chosen a venetian gold countertop, china white cabinets and northhampton putty walls. I just picked up cream colored subway tiles for the backsplash today. I’m trying to find either a small glass accent tile or a stainless steel accent tile to run a quarter of the way up…..but now I’m thinking that the plain white subways might do the trick….and won’t compete with the granite countertop. A prior comment about a liner “dating” the kitchen is a good point. A plain white subway tile speaks for itself. It provides a nice backdrop for any accessorizing you may want to do.

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