Our Deck – Shabby Chic or just Shabby?

Ok, so here’s our deck with part of the aforementioned Delahey Walmart patio furniture that is too big for the deck: (don’t worry, that reddish wood will weather to a nice silvery gray eventually!)

Our new walmart patio furniture

But here’s the real question. Jeff wants to sand down and paint over the deck but I am totally in love with the chippy washed blue/wood peeking through cottagy look! Of course, he thinks I’m totally nuts.

What do you think? By not painting or staining will the deck be more vulnerable to rot etc? I think its pressure treated wood, but I’m not 100% sure..

Is there some sort of sealer or treatment that would protect the deck but still let the chippyness shine through?

I’d love your advice!

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  1. It might be hard to say from just that one picture, but the newness of the patio set does make the deck look more shabby than shabby chic! It makes me think, “Ouch! Splinters!” Do you think the Walmart set will actually fade to silvery gray? I would be surprised… It is a nice set though!
    I might be with your husband…

  2. Dulcie, did my husband pay you to say that? JK :)

    yes, it will fade! There’s a tag on the set that says if left untreated it would weather to a silvery gray. We had a directors chair set made of the same stuff and it did. Might have taken a year though..

  3. You can scrub the deck (use water and baking soda for a non toxic cleaning solution) to remove the chipped paint and put a deck sealer on it that will help it resist water and water related mildew/rot. If you paint your deck again, you can look forward to doing every two years…forever. The sealer needs to be re-applied also, but when it starts to wear, the sealer won’t look shabby and chipped.

  4. Score:
    Jeff 2
    Ariana 0

    Thanks for the tip on the baking soda Ryan@

    We were thinking of using Cabot’s grey full body stain stuff that looks like paint but is actually a stain.. does that qualify?

  5. Oh, cool! I was wondering why you were so confident that it was going to fade. ;) I’m eager to see how it is all going to come together.

  6. Hi Ari! Leave it!
    Ariana 2 (me and you)
    Jeff 3…

  7. Hi sis! Glad you finally stopped by. Thanks for the vote.. we just need one more. Mom likes it chippy too, maybe I’ll have to get her to cast a vote :)

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