Chic & Cheap: Justin Kauffmann’s Atlanta Apartment

I have always prided myself on being able to find a decent deal when it comes to home furnishings and decorations… When I see something I love that is way out of my price range I enjoy the challenge of recreating it on the cheap.

But apparently I could learn a thing or two about budget furnishings from one of our closest friends (and incredibly talented painter) Justin Kauffmann!

Justin recently moved from NYC to Atlanta which is terribly sad for me,  Jeff and all of our tight-knit circle of friends in NY…but when he recently sent me an email with pics of his adorable new apartment in Atlanta I was excited to see how cute, cozy and stylish he’d made his new place.

His budget? $400!!!!

Check it out:


Living Room (I’m very jealous of those 15′ ceilings!)

Justin wrote that he scored some of the items for free from neighbors who were throwing it out or from friends. The 2 long tables in his studio (see below) he found on the street with a sign that said “Free”. From a local thrift store he found a sofa bed for $50, a drafting table for $5.99 and a little end table for $1.99. Everything else came from Ikea.


Painting Studio with long table found on the street




Kitchen – Hey, those the checkerboard floors I wanted!

The walls were painted that color when he moved in, I love how the deep grey/purple contrasts with the yellowish gold he uses in a lot of his paintings. The dark hue also adds a nice cozy feeling.

But one of the best parts of seeing these pictures for me is how he finally has a nice sized studio space to work in. For as long as I’ve known him (in both the apartment we lived in with him and other friends and his subsequent East Village apartment) he had a teeny tiny corner or no space at all to paint, so its so nice to see him with some room to spread out and be creative.

Thanks for the pics Justin, we can’t wait to come and visit!

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  1. LOVE that window in his living room!!!

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