Weekend Update

So the last week or so has been incredibly frustrating which is one of the reasons I haven’t posted all week long.. and one of the reasons I haven’t been motivated to take pictures, so I apologize in advance that their are no images to accompany this rather long winded rant!

To start off with, the kitchen floor hasn’t arrived yet which was supposed to happen early last week.  When I called the floor place for the fourth day in a row to ask for an update I heard the word “backorder” mumbled somewhere between other assurances. NOT what I wanted to hear.

Particularly when my glorious new appliances have been hanging out in the living room. I’m sure they are having a grand old time relaxing and all, but I really would like for them to get to work in the KITCHEN where they belong.

The second reason for my lack of posting is that I started working full time again. My 6 month stint as a lady of leisure officially ended last Monday. This blogging thing is much more challenging when you actually have to WORK all day long!

So as I was saying before, things are sort of crawling along.

I realized that I have been procrastinating the finishing of the painting of the cabinet doors for much too long and started back up with that yesterday. Things were humming along.. I actually found a method of obtaining a smooth finish (just in time for the second coat of door number 22, yay me!) until this afternoon.

Then, inexplicably, little dimples/dust/airbubbles? started appearing as I was painting!

Fearing it was old paint on the tray I washed it out, and the brush out, and poured fresh paint into a new cup and STILL they kept coming… I thought maybe they were air bubbles because I didn’t stir enough? I stirred an shook furiously but still no go.

Finally, frustrated to a point well beyond my capacity to handle, I left the house early which is why I actually have the time to write this update!

Has anyone experienced this stippling effect before? Did I not let the previous coat dry long enough? Was it too humid outside? The only thing I can think to do is buy new paint and see if that solves the problem. As if Benjamin Moore didn’t have enough of our money already!

Anyway, back to the progress (or lack thereof) ..I did make a decision on the countertops. We’re going with the absolute black granite.

Even though there are probably many surfaces that I find more asthetically pleasing, they are either too expensive, too hard to take care of or might be too busy and compete for attention with the somewhat multicolored floor… assuming the floor actually arrives that is.

Absolute black is one of the least “granity” granites and it does make a stunning contrast to the white cabinets and green walls… or I hope it will anyway.  Plus the friend of a friend who we’re getting it from was at least $1000 cheaper than even the Costco guy or some of the other discount places. It seemed like looking a gift-horse in the mouth to go elsewhere.

And anyway, can you imagine the state of shock my indecisive brain would go into in a place like All Granite & Marble looking through hundreds and hundreds of slabs? I think I saved myself several sleepless nights by nipping that one in the bud.

So, to wrap it up, some of the cabinet doors got painted badly, some new plantings went in, hardwood floor got laid on the stair landings where only plywood had been and our outdoor furniture arrived and its so big its threatening to take over our whole deck… so yeah, great weekend!

How was yours?

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