The Appliances Arrive and the Countertops Depart..

It was an exciting weekend with the arrival of the kitchen appliances and the hanging of the new cabinets and a little frustrating as well.

The weekend started with another trip to ikea friday night because I had decided I wanted the “Stat” doors instead of the “Lidingo” doors because I realized I might want to put beadboard accents elsewhere.

I went to the same guy we ordered the others from and said I want these exact 5 doors but in the Lidingo version…seems pretty straightforward.

It wasn’t until the cabinets were hung that we realized that they had given me solid instead of glass doors for two of them. So I guess I’ll be making yet another ikea trip this week to exchange them AGAIN. grrrrrr.

Here’s a pic of the corner with our new 39″ cabinets, with our new microhood(!)  but sans the glass doors:

ikea stat kitchen cabinets

We then turned our attention to the dishwasher. I wrote before about choosing the dishwasher, but I didn’t mention that the house does not currently have a dishwasher. We figured we’d cross the installation bridge when we got there.

After cutting out space for it in the existing cabinets to the left of the sink we realized that we actually need to raise the countertops another inch before we install the new ones.

We could get away with cutting away the plywood subfloor down to the original floor so the dishwasher sits further down, but the problem with that is that we’d never be able to get it out again if it needed repairs or anything. So I guess we’ll be raising those countertops.  I was able to snag a picture of it while we were testing the fit:

 our new dishwasher!

Tres chic non?

Speaking of countertops, through a friend of a friend we found a guy in Jersey that will do Absolute Black granite for us for just $60 a square foot, which is what I thought I wanted until I saw this amazing looking kitchen with greyish countertops:

grey granite countertops

So now have to decide if I should keep shopping around for a different color granite (Costco may have a bigger selection in that same price range) or go with the friend of the friend who I’d really like to give our business too..and you all now I much I like making decisions.

We also removed the current countertops and kitchen sink, which is technically making progress but LOOKS alarmingly like we’re moving backwards what with the big gaping hole and all:

 Scary gaping hole

Plus, one doesn’t really realize how much one uses a kitchen sink until its gone…putting further pressure on me to make up my mind and order the damn countertops already!!

4 Responses to “The Appliances Arrive and the Countertops Depart..”

  1. Rent that Diane Keaton movie “Somethings Gotta Give” and check out her kitchen. It’s very similar to the look I =think= you’re going for. She has white with grey countertops…they are sorta limestone looking…more matte than glossy.

  2. Here’s a Washington Post article about the kitchen in the film…and pics of people’s adaptations…

    Time to go do work…before the boss slaps me…

  3. oooh, great tip, I LOVE that kithen!

    Thanks so much to the link to the slideshow.. its hard to tell which pictures are from the movie and which are the knock off.. but I like them both!

    I think the matte ones in the movie are slate or soapstone?

    And the knock off ones are a beautiful black marble..which is exactly what i wanted but everywhere I read it said NOT to use marble for kitchen countertops because anything acidic will etch or erode the polish..but every time I see one I think why can’t I have that???

  4. I love the gray over the black. It will also look less dated in a couple of years when the whole granite craze is over and done with (coming from someone with cream colored formica from 1986 – it’s bound to come full circle soon!) You’re kitchen is looking amazing!

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