Kitchen Floor Solution!

Thanks so much for all of your wonderful responses to my Kitchen Floor Conundrum post of yesterday morning!  Here’s an update..  

Once I had the idea of a “washed” wood floor look in my mind I knew I had to consider it as an alternative to the not-quite-rightly-sized checkboard floor.

Back at the floor showroom I showed Jamie (the floor salesman) the picture of the very distressed looking amtico washed wood blue so he’d have an idea of the kind of look I was after:

amtico washed wood blue

I was prepared to go to another location of Sam’s Flooring to take a look at the amtico washed woods, but Jamie was pretty adamant that I wouldn’t like the look of the vinyl wood floor vs. laminate. He mentioned more than once that its really more commercial than residential.

So we spent the next half an hour looking for laminate samples that had a pickled/washed/distressed/light look including one he picked for me that I thought was too “yellow” but reluctantly agreed to take home with the others to see in my space.

Of course, it ended up being the winner!

It didn’t hit me at first…. I could see that the darker boards had an almost bluish greyish green tint that picked up on the kitchen and dining room walls perfectly and that the yellower tones picked up on the oak floors that border the kitchen floor on both sides:

 Shaw laminate floor board in Cottage Maple

But it wasn’t until I saw the floor board from the buttercup cream living room looking into the kitchen that I knew this was the one.

The idea of seeing bold checkerboard from the livingroom seemed suddenly unappealing compared to this laminate (Shaw Flooring Cottage Maple) that somehow almost magically ties all of the first floor wall colors together so neatly:

Our new kitchen laminate wood floor

Its definitely a departure from the blatantly retro checkerboard look!

 But in the end I think that a more subtle floor will allow me to add retro touches elsewhere without going overboard…for example I want to do a deco-ish black border tile along the top of a white subway tile backsplash.

Dulcie’s comment from yesterday was that the washed floor looks very “beachy Nantucket-esque” which I agree with!  

Our house was originally built as a one of two identical side-by-side houses for sisters who used them as summer houses to get away from the heat of new york city in the 30’s. So its more of a “summer” than a “beach” house, but still the cottage/bungalow style seems authentic to the house’s history. 

 At least that’s what I’m telling myself so I don’t start second guessing my decision! ;-)

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  1. Ooh, that sample looks very pretty. And it does seem to tie everything together! Nice work. Are you guys going to install it yourselves?

  2. Thanks Dulcie!
    Yes…. we’re going to try. It was about double the price installed and it already cost $901 just for the materials including tax, planks, rubber underlayment, transitions (saddles?) for 160 square feet.

    Wish us luck.. :)

  3. Very pretty! Can’t wait to see it installed! :-)

  4. Fabulous choices! Now, I must copy. I love the flooring and I’ve been paralyzed about making a decision. I wanted to do terra cotta tiles or hard wood…but since my floor is wonky (not level) it was going to cost a FORTUNE. If I do laminate…I can skid over most of the bumps. You have saved me a small fortune today, I think.

  5. Is that Cottage Maple or Cabin Maple? I can’t find Cottage on Shaw’s website. It’s not every day that I actually make a decision! LOL

  6. Iloveupstate: I’d be honored to be your floor twin!

    Its actually color number 00133. If you put that number in their search box it will pull up two that are basically the same thing, one is called cottage maple which is their “Kathy Ireland Line” and the other is called “Vitage Maple” that is just the Shaw line. As far as I can see by comparing the details they are identical, must just be a branding thing. I didn’t mention the Kathy Ireland thing because its a bit embarrasing ;-)

  7. Your color palette is similar to mine and that flooring is perfect. Re: Kathy Ireland. I know what you mean. I fell in love with a jacket at Macy’s last year only to find out if was “J.Lo”. I had the local dry cleaner take off the branded buttons and replace them for me…shhhh, it’s a secret! LOL

  8. Oooooh, it’s perfect!

    Kathy Ireland has a line of flooring? In 20 years, will Kate Moss be lending her name to air compressors?

  9. Iloveupstate: I can’t believe that branding now extends even to buttons! I tried to comment on your blog but the word verification button won’t display, sent you an email instead.

    Ellen: LOL @ Kate Moss air compressors :)

  10. Ooh, pretty! Good luck installing the floor – you can do it! My husband and I managed to do our bamboo floor ourselves and it wasn’t easy (real bamboo with no plastic part so the whole click into place thing wasn’t exact), but it wasn’t impossible. ;)

  11. Beautiful! It’s a great modern take on traditional, don’t you think?

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