The guest room is painted!

So I posted this image before (from brocade home) as an inspiration for our tiny guestroom..


And here’s another “Virtual inspiration board” of ideas for that room:

guest room inspiration board

So when it came time to chose paint color, I went with “Chapel Spire” by Muralo (my favorite paint brand so far).

Chapel spire

It seemed to be a very neutral grey with just a hint of purple undertones.  Perfect right? HAH!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout this process its that there is no such thing as neutral grey.

Witness the results, a very lavender guestroom! (grrrrrr)

painted guestroom

Its actually more lavender in person than it appears in the pictures. I’m hoping once the black and white accessories are in place it will resemble the inspiration pictures a lot more. We’ll see.

The other dilemma is what to do about that fan! 

Or any of the fans in the house for that matter. Asthetically, I absolutely hate them.

If we had central AC, I’d swap it out for this baby in a second:

Ashton chandelier from Heavenly lights

But as it is with no central AC and the summer upon us, I’m afraid we’d come to regret it. What would you do?

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  1. Just a suggestion…but what about purchasing the wicker sleeves that go over the blades…and painting them SHINY SHINY black. Then paint the lamp base black as well (use car/spray paint) and then finally…getting some kick-butt frosted retro glass shade?

  2. I love that idea!

    I didn’t even know they made wicker thingies for fans..I’ll definitely check it out, thanks!

  3. Had dinner and kept thinking about your lighting issue. Sometimes I like to escape my own home decor traumas and fixate on other people’s! LOL Anyway, here’s a black ceiling fan on Lowes for $45:

    Also, the big palm frond wicker blade covers are $36 at Home Depot (per their website) but you might want to just go for neat & clean with the $45 one from Lowes. You can always get a fancy crystal bobble to hang from the pull string.

  4. It looks gray to me, if that helps. :)

  5. Even if gray has lavender undertones it will look BEAUTIFUL. Don’t discount lavender and black too quickly. This is very Brocade Home and I love the idea of painting the wicker sleeves black. Please don’t paint over the paint – it just looks STUNNING.

  6. Thanks Casapinka,
    I’ve decided to keep it, partly because I’ve grown to like it and and partly out of laziness, but its really nice to hear that you like the color!

  7. I too hate a ceiling fan light – but lived in the midwest with no central ac so I also understand the need to have a fan. I realize a few years ago it isn’t the fan so much that I hate as the fan/light combo.
    See if you can take the light off (or put in just a regular ceiling fan with no light) and then center a light fixture over the bed or 2 small ones over each side of the bed.
    It requires a little more wiring, but gets rid of the horrible fan globe light.

  8. Interesting theory Ryan! I’ll have to do some experimenting and see, but I’m pretty sure my aversion extends even to fans without lights ;-)

  9. […] No really, I did because our upstairs bathroom is SO small that I have no where to put my rather, um, “extensive” makeup and product collection. It has NOTHING to do with the fact that its totally shabby chic and adorable and will look perfect in my lavender gray schemed guest room. […]

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