The Odyssey of the Kitchen Appliances

My wonderful husband Jeff travels alot for work and has an uncanny knack for not being around in times of crises…like yesterday for example.

Known as Thursday May 31st to all of you, but to me it was officially “The-Last-Day-of-the-Sears-Appliance-Sale-on-which-I-MUST-choose-all-my-appliances.” 

I have spoken to you about my pathological indecisiveness before in regards to paint colors, and that’s bad enough. But when there are large sums of money involved, huge amounts of research that can be done and items that won’t/can’t be changed for long periods of time -I find the whole process completely paralyzing.

And add to that the fact that my other half, the person I turn to in these critical moments of indecisiveness is lolly-gagging around this cottage/castle in the English Countryside (you call that work??) and can’t be of any assistance to me at all:

Cottswald Manor

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, the final day of the Sear’s sale meant it was time to get off the fence. I had to decide once and for all between getting this suite of Whirlpool appliances from Costco, on sale for $2300:

Costco Whirlpool kitchen appliances

Or taking advantage of the last day of Sears’ “purchase three or more appliances over $399 and get 20% cash back” sale.

The simplicity of Costco’s suite appealed to me -no decisions to be made! But my cautious nature (grrrr) wouldn’t let me get off so easy.. I needed to find out more about the individual models in the Suite.

An quick google search didn’t turn up much about the fridge or the stove, but the reviews of the dishwasher included with the Suite were less than stellar. I also realized that we would have to increase the size of our built-in area to accomodate the unusually large side-by-side fridge.

Score: Sears 2, Costco 0.

But it wasn’t until I found this dishwasher, about which people evangelize with such zeal, that the scales tipped firmly in Sear’s favor.

Sears Kenmore Elite Dishwasher

It may look modest, unassuming even -but don’t let that fool you. This Dishwasher is aparantly the second coming of appliances.

It has TurboZone with Rotating Spray Jets,  SmartWash with Optical Soil Sensors and other things I have no idea what they mean or do. But I HAVE-TO-HAVE-THEM!

Plus, unbelievably, there is actually a consensus about this product.

With 22 reviews on (the most I’d seen on the site for anything) it got a 4.6 out of 5 star rating.  Quite extraordinary for anything with that many reviews… usually there are at least one or two disgruntled customers who bring down the average considerably.

I was also able to find this range with a bunch of good reviews:

Kemore self-cleaning gas range

 and this fridge:

Fridge I wanted but couldn’t have

Feeling VERY proud of myself and with my shopping list of appliances in hand, I went to Sears not expecting to have to make any more decisions. I had done my research, I just wanted to look over everything in person before placing the order.

With the assistance of a very helpful Sears saleswoman, I had my stove, microhood and dishwasher ordered in a matter of minutes.

The fridge however, was not meant to be.

The Kenmore fridge I had picked out online (great reviews, perfect size, all the features!) has been discontinued.

“But its on your website” I tell the salesman.

“I know” he says, “But that means they have like one available somewhere in the country – Alaska maybe- but they won’t deliver it to you in NY. ”

Grrr. Back to the drawing board!

“Why don’t you take this one?” he asks, pointing to a stumpy Whirlpool fridge with no handles.

“It doesn’t have handles” I say.

“Exactly, that’s what everyone loves, no fingerprints!” he exclaims.

“But it doesn’t have handles” I repeat.

This sort of thing goes on for another 40 minute or so while my mom and I and the sales person debate the relative merits of about 5 different fridges. We finally settle on a version of a Frigidaire that they had on the floor but that included an Ice maker WITH a water filtration system.

Water filtration is a big deal where we live. They don’t call it “Rockland County” for nothing.. the water here is incredible hard with minerals that would eventually render the fridge’s ice maker useless without filtration.

Remarkably, the version of the fridge with the water filtration is about the same price as the one without. 

Problem solved, decision made right?


This model has been discontinued as well and the lovely idiosynchratic system of Sears that doesn’t let you know this until AFTER you’ve tried to order it (at home or in the store) has struck yet again.

My options are looking slim, the choice is either the stumpy fridge with no handle that would cost more than this one they don’t have available or to jump up about 200-300 to the GE profile fridges that have water filtration as well.

In a moment of desperation, we call my Dad who is the (verging on obsessive) reigning expert on water issues. He assures me that for about $200 he can help us install a whole house filtration system that will filter both our sink water (so we can drink it) and the water the fridge will use to make ice.

Yay, thanks Dad!

So I am now the proud owner of this very sleek looking Frigidaire Stainless Steel refrigerator:

Frididaire Stainless refrigerator

It has handles!

2 Responses to “The Odyssey of the Kitchen Appliances”

  1. Congrats, great post! So did the final tally at Sears come under the Costco price?

    I also like package deals. I bought my first digital camera because the printer was included. Now of course I want a better model and I think I’ll have to buy a whole new printer. Waah!

  2. Thanks!

    The total BEFORE rebate was $2527, but when I get my 20% $505 “cash back” (how can they call it cash back when its a rebate check?) rebate in 12 weeks or so the total will be reduced to $2022. So technically, eventually, I will have saved some money! I had to open a sears card to get the cash back but its no interest for six months so I can wait until I get that rebate check to pay it off :)

    I like package deals too.. you always feel like you MUST be saving money!

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