Welcome to the blogosphere Alexis!

This is completely NHR (not home related) but I was very excited to learn that my very best friend Alexis Starkey has finally started a blog!

This is exciting news for two reasons:

1) Alexis is an excellent writer and I’ve been telling her she needs to blog going on a few years now

2) Alexis has fabulous adventures

I know this firsthand because almost every adventure I’ve had worth retelling was had with and/or because of her. 

Right now she’s travelling with her friend Erin and her boyfriend Scott (will he make it?) to Germany and its about day two and they’ve already lost Erin’s passport and wallet. 

The combination of Alexis’ writing, photography, keen observations and penchant for adventure (disaster?) make for a very good read.  I can’t wait for the next entry!

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