Outdoor Furniture – Walmart to the Rescue

After two unsuccessful months of monitoring craigslist for nice used patio furniture, we finally caved and ordered the Delahey 6 Piece Wood Patio Dining Set from Walmart.com

Delahey patio set from Walmart

Yes, I know its politically incorrect to buy from Walmart and I normally try to avoid it when possible, but for $268 (plus $100 shipping) this set was by far the nicest and cheapest I could find anywhere. Since we are pretty much bleeding money on the rest of the rennovations, price won over priciple this time. 

And secretly I’m pining for the 4-piece coordinating Chat Set for under the pergola (seen in the upper left hand corner of the picture above) and this cute $50 mini chandelier for the half-bath off of our kitchen…

Walmart mini chandelier

We’ll see how long I hold out!

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