The drop kitchen ceiling comes down..

Surprisingly, we didn’t come up with the idea to get rid of it until recently… its amazing what being in a space for a while can open your eyes to.  Here is the before photo:

Drop kitchen ceiling

See the 2+ foot drop above the cabinets? It also runs over the  side by side windows over the sink, actually obstructing the window casings.  It seems it was only built to house a few high hats over the sink and counters.  By getting rid of it, we not only open the space to take advantage of our high (for an old house) kitchen ceiling, but we can also replace those stumpy cabinets with ones at least one third taller. The two cabinets over the stove will be raised to make room for a range hood.

Here it is after the ceiling has been torn down and the cabinets too.  (The stove was also removed to facilitate the peeling up of the pee yellow linoleum floors!)

After kitchen drop celing was removed

Sorry my angles didn’t really line up so you’re seeing much more of what’s on the left in this shot, but you get the idea.. more space!

I’m thinking of putting shelves above the windows where that extra wall now is.. (ya know, to hold cute decorative objects who’s only purpose is to be pretty and gather dust..)

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  2. Hi,

    Just came across your site, it’s amazing! I’m about to embark on the same adventure myself, though I think my house is in a little more state of disrepair. Just wondering, when you pulled down the drop ceiling was there lots of damage on the ceiling and walls? I want to do the same thing, but drywalling is not my forte. Have you had to do a lot of repair work in the process, and if so, are you guys doing it yourselves or hiring in the pros?

  3. Hi Donna, welcome!

    There wasn’t too much damage, but we did have to do some some drywall corners etc. We had to do alot of that in many places in the house but we did have an all around handyman type guy that helped us during the more major types of stuff like that… not quite like hiring a general contractor and crew but not quite DIY either. It was really useful having someone who knows alot more about houses and renovations than we did, particularly this being our first house and all. Hope that helps, and good luck, it will come out great!

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