Guestroom inspiration comes in the shade of gray…


Approximate pallete (with healthy doses of black and white thrown in)
Gray Whisp

Accent Color inspiration:

A muted gold like in this Deer Print by Daniel St. George available at Little Paper Planes

Deer Print

5 Responses to “Guestroom inspiration comes in the shade of gray…”

  1. Ooh. That’s lovely.

  2. Thanks Julie!
    The color I picked to emulate this look is Muralo Chapel Spire.. so far its looking a bit cave-like! :-)

  3. I’m thinking if you bling it out in all white accessories that it will lighten up quite a bit. Let me see when it’s done. :)

  4. Yes, definitely! That should help quite a bit. I’m finishing up the painting of it this weekend and I’ll post when its done..I’d love to have your opinion!

  5. Love this! Oh gasp!

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