COLOURlovers – I’m obsessed!

After months of saving inspiration pictures, finally I can do something useful with them like create color palettes at!

O plus D greeting cards

Here’s the palette I created using OplusD’s f*ck line of greeting cards as an inspiration:

O plus D

And when I’m done creating the palettes, I can head over to Easy RGB and use their color match tool to find a paint color to match! 

4 Responses to “COLOURlovers – I’m obsessed!”

  1. We’re glad you found a place to share your inspiration pictures, and thanks for the post!


  2. Thank YOU guys for creating such a great website!!

  3. NO! Say it isn’t so! omigosh–I am sooooo stumped for colour and I’m only working on two rooms. I’ve been playing with the colour lover palettes too and WISHING I could translate them into paint chips. You are WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much.

  4. Hi Alana,
    Thanks for posting! I’m glad you found the link useful. Here’s another one you may or may not know about but its for matching colors across brands:
    I wish you lots of luck, picking colors has been torturous for me :)

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