Ball and claw end table – Chic & Cheap

It was love at first sight when I first spotted this Louis side table from Anthropologie: 

Louis Side Table

But at $598 plus $75 shipping, it’s a little um, pricey.  My “cheap” version?

This lovely circa 1930 shabby chic white end table I got at my favorite antique dealer in NYC for $125:

antique ball and claw end table

At first glance, not so similar.  But they both have really elegant legs that totally make the look!

4 Responses to “Ball and claw end table – Chic & Cheap”

  1. So incredibly graceful! Wow…

  2. Thanks, isn’t it?
    I almost didn’t get it because I had just bought the faux fireplace..but just knew I’d obsess over not getting it. It was worth the money just for the peace of mind!

  3. Are you going to paint it gloss red or leave it as is?

  4. Oooh, good question.. I think I’ll leave it white. I may try a high laquer red on a smaller piece and see how I like it. I guess I’m a bit chicken!

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