The Hanging of the Chandelier

The antique chandelier that we bought in North Carolina looks more beautiful than I had even hoped for in its new home in our Dining Room!  

 Dining Room Chandelier

(a lot better than the pic I snagged at the antique shop no?)

I hadn’t been sure about the burnished gold color, but its a nice compliment to the silvery/blue/gray wall color (Benjamin Moore “Arctic Gray”, which looks suprisingly blue for a gray).

Beyond the french doors you get a peak into the as yet unpainted Living Room. See the patchwork “quilt” of color samples on the wall? That’s a pretty good example of my pathological level of indecisiveness..its making me and my husband crazy.  So much so, that I’m on a first name basis with EVERY employee at my local Benjamin Moore dealer and the next furthest one away too. Actually that’s an understatement. I also know that John is an actor and a quaker, and that Joe lived in Boca for a few years. I know what paint they are out of and when they are expecting their next delivery. Seriously, its my home away from home. Its embarrassing.

I wish I could say that the endless hours I’ve spent pouring over sample chips have paid off, but NONE of my choices have been quite right. Take that Dining Room color for example. I’m learning to like it, but I had actually wanted a darker more “stately” silvery gray color. But because of the extreme amounts of natural light in that room it looks more beachy white blue most of the day.

And what do I have planned for today? Painting over the “pale oak” color I chose for the 2nd bedroom/office which came out possibly the most indescribably drab hue you can imagine. And yet another visit to Benjamin Moore.

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  1. I personally love the dining room color and as for the colors you’ve got going on in the other room, I definitely think you’re headed in the right direction. Plays great off the blue. I really like the color of the blob that is southwest of the top northeast blob. :) Sort of a pear green?

  2. Aw, thanks! I love your blog.. so inspiring!
    Actually, the blob I think you’re talking about is a great color.. maybe a little bit stronger more saturated up close and in person than it that picture though. I’ll never figure this out! :)

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