Cute Blue Lamp from Urban Outfitters

I’ve always loved those features in magazines like “Lust or Must” where they show you the couture version of an outfit and then show you a much more affordable item (knock off?) that has a similar look for a fraction of the price.

I’m starting my own feature called Chic and Cheap!  I don’t know how often I’ll be fortunate enough to find such items, but when I do, I’ll be posting them here.

The high-end inspiration for our debut item are these gorgeous handmade ceramic lamps from Christopher Spitzmiller:

Handmade Ceramic Lamps

But the $650-$2250 price tag is beyond our budget..(way beyond!).

My chic and cheap verison? This cute blue spindle lamp from Urban Outfitters:

Blue Lamp from Urban outfitters

Not quite as elegant a shape, but the aqua color was just the accent I was looking for in our third bedroom and at $36 I’m not even afflicted by my usual bout of buyer’s remorse! 

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  1. Hi there-
    I, too, think the Christopher Spitzmiller lamps are exquisite, but I can’t afford one! What other lines have come closest that you’ve found? I’ve seen Robert Abbey lamps (not good enough), the Restoration Hardware Baby, and the Williams Sonoma Home ones- nice, but just not the same. I guess nothing compares, but I’m wondering if you’ve found any other company that does a better job at copying his lamps?
    Thanks so much, Bonnie K.

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