Mission Demolition Part I

Our house has two built ins that we knew we were going to knock out immediately (more on those later!)  But once we had all the cabinet doors off we could see through the large cabinet that hangs just over the passthrough from the kitchen into the living room.  I think that being able to see through it part-way somehow made it really easy to imagine what it would look like without it.  Unfortunately, we had to be pretty sure of our decision because the way it was attached to the ceiling meant bringing it down would actually destroy the cabinet. No turning back. In an uncharacteristic moment of decisiveness, I gave Jeff the go-ahead to hack away. Here is the result:

kitchen cabinet before and after removal

Please excuse the paint cans and other miscellanious clutter. Notice how much more spacious both rooms look without that overhang! There will also be a clear line of sight from the kitchen into the dining room and our new antique chandelier that will be hanging there eventually.. as soon as I paint the walls.. which requires deciding on a color.. which means it may be a while.

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