I hearth Craigslist and our faux fireplace

One of my greatest dissapointments about our 1929 house is that it has no fireplace.  I’m a big fan of the fireplace.. well of the mantel anyway.  Even the house we rented in Fort Lauderdale had one, even if it was just an antique mantel nailed to a flat wall. But the point is that it had a mantel shelf where we placed our giant Bolotowsky print and it served as a perfect focal point for the living room/dining room:

fort lauderdale living room

So when by way of craigslist I found this 1940’s vintage fireplace with mantel, I couldn’t pass it up! It’s faux painted “umber” but I plan on painting it flat white so it matches the baseboards and trim. But the best part is that its completely portable, there are no gas lines to hook up, no wood to chop  – so what if there’s not any actual fire?

Maybe our next home will have a real working fireplace in the livingroom and we’ll put this in a bedroom. But in the meantime, I’m fine with faux!

faux fireplace mantel

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  1. Beautiful post… I feel exactly the same. I adore a fireplace and mantel. The ultimate focal point, and perfect space to showcase one’s favourite treasures…

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