More on Chandeliers..

My chandelier lust continues, courtesy of todays getTrio in my inbox…

First, for people like us who don’t have room for a chandelier in our matchbox sized bathroom,  at least we can have the reflection of one with this adorable chandelier shower curtain from Catherine David Designs:

Chandelier shower curtain

And next, who knew there was a chandelier blog?

Check out today’s post updating a chandelier which features these incredibly cool “Light Charms” which are magnetic crystal drops that can be used to dress up any iron chandelier or sconce (they even have full beaded strands!):

light charms            magnetic chandelier crystals

Now I don’t have to be half as picky when I’m looking through craigslist or ebay for antique chandeliers… not perfect? No problem, I can strip them to their bones and dress them up myself!

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