Our House has “Hidden Potential”

 About a week after we put an offer in on our house, our realtor called us up all excited to let us know that our house was going to be on HGTV!

The show is called “Hidden Potential” and in the words of HGTV:

“Hidden Potential shows homebuyers (and our viewers) what their dream home could look like before they buy it. In each episode, a homebuyer will look at three very different homes that need renovation. As they tour each home, a design expert will show the homebuyer computer-generated graphics that will showcase the home’s “hidden potential.” In the end, we’ll learn which house the homebuyer chose to turn into their dream home. “

Our house would be one of the three that they showed a young couple looking for a starter home in Rockland County. The best part is that we will supposedly receive the blue prints for the rennovations that the designer/architect used as a basis for the computer rednering they show on TV.  So if we ever really wanted to do the rennovations, we’d already have the plans –  plus we get the benefit of the opinion of the show’s very talented designer guy!

Needless to say, we were VERY excited to see the show when it aired April 9th (on our anniversary no less.) 

Unfortunately, our excitement was short-lived when we saw the computer generated “afters” the designer came up with:

The upstairs is quite cramped and in order to create more space the architect proposed to punch out the upstairs dormer on either side so that one one side you could extend the master bedroom to include a huge wall of closets and on the other a master bath (which we are currently lacking.) 

Ok, not a bad idea, but look at his proposed idea for the exterior of the addition! WTF? Why would you take a cute traditional little colonial with white siding and add one floor of wood siding? It gives a completely unfinished appearance, like the rennovation will be permanantly "in progress."

The one nice thing about the show was that they said the downstairs was pretty much "turn-key" and ready to move in, with the exception of an 8k kitchen rennovation which we had planned on doing anyway.. though I can't say I agree with the designer's choice of yellow cabinet doors..or the removal of the breakfast bar.

But you be the judge,  pics of the house as is can be found here!

3 Responses to “Our House has “Hidden Potential””

  1. I think what you did with this darling house is 1,000 times more tasteful than what HGTV did with their proposed renovations! You guys did a wonderful job!

  2. Aw thanks! Yeah, usually I like what they do on that show, but in this case I was definitely dissapointed. I think it takes a little bit of getting to know a house before you can really say what should stay or go, both the previous owner and I agreed that the L shaped countertop they took out of the kitchen is great for entertaining!

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